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9 Unseen Characters Ripe For The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Everyone is familiar with Marvel's biggest names but here are eight lesser-known characters that we'd love to see on the big screen.


With Avengers: Infinity War essentially flipping the Marvel Cinematic Universe on its head, the door has opened for rumors involving both storylines and potential new characters on the big screen.  Most of the comic book company’s top tier characters have already been used in some capacity, however there is still an abundant amount of slightly lesser known – but still popular to the hardcore fan – options still available.  It all really depends on how these superheroes and villains fit into the grand scheme of everything, though there has been several humongous hints about upcoming character appearances.

So, as the speculation continues, here’s a look at nine characters who are ready to enter the MCU and contribute to cinema’s most elaborate storyline.


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Earlier this week, it was announced that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to portray Mysterio in the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is due to hit theaters next summer.  While we’re not overly thrilled about Gyllenhaal, including Mysterio on the big screen is long overdue – especially considering he’s one of Spider-Man’s more popular villains.  Mysterio, whose name is actually Quentin Beck, entered the Marvel world by framing Spider-Man for a series of crimes, at which point he attempted to become a superhero and bring Spidey to justice.  After ultimately failing, the villain set out to destroy Spider-Man, teaming up with a number of characters, including Wizard and Human Torch.  As a former special effects artist, the villain’s powers focus on the ability to create illusions through robotics and hypnotism.  Mysterio could easily be woven into Spider-Man’s current timeline, given that almost his entire comic book biography focuses on taking down Marvel’s beloved hero.

Moon Knight

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Imagine Marvel’s version of Batman and that’s basically Moon Knight.  It’s no secret that a MCU introduction of the masked vigilante seems eminent, especially with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn admitting he once pitched the character and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige dropping hints recently that we could see the character down the road.  Moon Knight, who is better known as Marc Spector, was a heavyweight boxer as well as a United States Marine and CIA operative who had a change of conscience on one specific mission, at which point Spector left the government to become a mercenary.  Armed with tactical skills he learned in the military, he would later gain superhuman powers thanks to the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, providing Spector with enhanced strength, endurance and reflexes, depending on the moon’s phase.  Tying-in Moon Knight to the current storyline could be a little tricky, though he has worked with Spider-Man quite a lot over the course of his comic book career.


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Most people might not realize it but Modok was originally in the early development for Captain America: The Winter Soldier – and was rumored to be portrayed by Peter Dinklage – although he was ultimately replaced.  Rumors then swirled that Modok could appear in Infinity War, however Dinklage instead played the role of Eitri – so, really who knows if we’ll see the supervillain at this point.  Modok, an acronym for Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing, was the creation of his boss A.I.M., who wanted a living computer to figure out the Cosmic Cube but the experiments required drove him insane, leading to face offs with Captain America – and Modok even allied with Hydra.  Besides superhuman intelligence and the ability to float, Modok has the capabilities of any computer – like calculating the mathematical probability of any situation – and can contact others through telepathy.  Given his extensive background with many of the character in the comic books such as Captain America, Thor and The Avengers, it would be easy to include Modok, if even in a limited role like Crossbones.


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Delving deeper into the Hulk’s world is something we wish Marvel Studios would seriously consider, as the character still feels a little one-dimensional and needs another crack at a standalone film.  Having said that, it’s about time we meet Jennifer Walters, who is Bruce Banner’s cousin.  After being shot, Walters needed a blood transfusion and with no other matches available, Banner elects do give a pint and the effect is a more mild, female version of the Hulk.  Walters is able to better control She-Hulk than her male counterpart, though she also keeps her personality, along with her emotion and intellect.  She is often portrayed in the comic books as feeling more comfortable in her green skin than her regular skin and, being that She-Hulk is an established member of the Avengers, this story would weave in pretty nicely there but, really, it’d be perfect for the next potential Hulk film, whenever that might be.


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Until recently, Nova has really been one of Marvel’s more minor characters in the comic books but there was a hint that we might just see the superhero sooner rather than later, thanks to the Nova Corp in Guardians.  Known by his real name, Richard Rider, Nova is a New York City high school student who replaces the last surviving member of the planet Xandar, Rhomann Rey, who is dying.  His powers derive from an energy source known as the Nova Force, which allows him the abilities of flight, superhuman strength and speed.  Sure, the Nova storyline might be enough there for a standalone film but, if we had to guess, it seems more likely that the character is introduced in the next Guardians or Avengers sequel – especially the latter, since Nova is a member of the Avengers and Secret Avengers, which actually took down a resurrected Thanos.

Captain Marvel

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Yes, we know that Captain Marvel will be getting her own film shortly, with filming already underway and yes, we realized that – SPOILER ALERT – the end credits scene was Nick Fury contacting her but that just makes us want to see her character even more.  Her character’s real name is Carol Danvers and she started out as a member of the United States Air Force before joining the CIA but then, during her days at NASA, Danvers met Mar-Vell, a Kree warrior, at which point the two formed a significant bond together.  It was ultimately an explosion that gave Danvers her superpowers, since it caused her to be melded with Mar-Vell.  Captain Marvel has superhuman strength, endurance, stamina and the ability to fly, along with a sixth sense and the ability to be immune to most toxins, thanks to her newfound Kree physiology.  Her movie is set to release early next spring and we have to imagine she’ll be in the next Avengers sequel.

Adam Warlock

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If you were paying close attention to the Guardians of the Galaxy II credits, you’d know that Adam Warlock’s name was dropped in the post credits scene.  Some think it’s not him in the cocoon, though the director has confirmed the character will be in the upcoming sequel.  And if you’re not aware, Adam Warlock is a pretty big deal.  The artificially-created human, made by The Enclave, was brought to life in the hopes of evil, though he heard the plan and decided against it.  The most important storyline involving Warlock, which could be his purpose in the MCU, is where he comes into possession of the soul gem, one of the Infinity Stones, and draws the souls of the stone into another dimension.  He has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy for protection, along with increased stamina, speed and recuperation.  Honestly, he might just be the single most important character in any of the next several films.  We shall see.

Wonder Man

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Known originally as Simon Williams, Wonder Man came to fruition after he spent a stint in jail for embezzling and racketeering, which he blamed on Tony Stark.  Upon his release, Williams underwent an experiment to gain superpowers, though he was told he’d need additional treatments to maintain his powers.  Then he befriended the Avengers, with the intent to kill the group, though he immediately found the error in his ways.  While his story has become much more in-depth over the years, Wonder Man became an entrusted – and pretty badass – member of the Avengers, wielding powers such as superhuman strength, speed and agility and, thanks to his treatments, he’d gain powers that rivaled Thor.  He’s certainly one of the more interesting characters on the list, though fitting him into the MCU could prove difficult – despite being part of an Easter egg cut from the second Guardians film.


Given that the Deadpool and X-Men franchises are not technically part of the MCU, we’re kind of under the assumption that the same reigns true for the upcoming Venom standalone film.  While we could very well see Carnage in some capacity there – since like Venom, it’s also an alien symbiote – the hope is that the character is done right and tied in with Spider-Man.  When the symbiote reached Earth, it needed a host and found serial killer Cletus Kasady, which only amplified his psychotic tendencies and need for violence.  Carnage has shape-shifting abilities and can shoot a web-like substance much the same way of Spider-Man but we’re sure you’re more than familiar, thanks to the 1994 video game Maximum Carnage.  Not sure when he might be introduced but people want Carnage and we’re sure they’ll get him and if it’s anything like the comic book, we’re in for a treat.