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Adam Savage Carefully Details How To Build Teddy KGB’s Poker Table From Rounders

Photo Courtesy of Tested

Special effects guru and former Mythbusters star Adam Savage is a massive fan of Rounders, the 1998 film starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton that helped spark a humongous poker boom.  How much of a fan is Savage, well so much so that he had exact replicas of the poker chips Teddy KGB, played by John Malkovich, spilled all over the table in the film’s defining scene.

Speaking of poker tables, any fan of Rounders has Teddy KGB’s brown table burned into their brain, thanks to the closeup shots of the chips and the Oreos, which prove to be the character’s downfall.  Savage, who had the customized poker chips lying around for about seven years, was looking for a reason to use them and decided he would build the film’s infamous poker table, based on various screenshots.  Since the self-proclaimed “maker of things” now has an online video series for his website, Tested, it seemed only perfect that he build the table in a lengthy step-by-step instructional video.

The 41-minute video involves some carpentry skills but it’s nothing more complex than someone handy would be able to accomplish.  Savage definitely makes it look easy but that was almost always the case during the 52-year-old’s 17 seasons on Mythbusters, where he built, blew up and shot everything imaginable with cohort Jamie Hyneman. 

The table is 47 inches in diameter and made of plywood. 

Savage is apparently an avid poker player – in fact, he mentions that he plans to use the table with some friends once he completes it.  Hosting games is something that the New York native does from time to time and we now wonder how many people will be hosting their own games on replica Teddy KGB tables, especially since the video, which was posted back on March 4, has racked up close to 700,000 hits.