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Alamo Drafthouse Offering 40-Plus Films For Private Theater Rentals Of Up To 30 People

Photo Courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse

There’s just something special about sitting in a dark theater with your friends and experiencing a film on the big screen and, right now, it’s one of the many experiences Americans really miss. But as the country finds ways to cope, one theater chain is bringing audiences back to theaters in small groups for private rentals.

Alamo Drafthouse, the popular Austin-based theater chain, recently announced plans to offer moviegoers an option to rent out an entire theater for up to 30 people, offering the complete theater experience much of the country has been without since the beginning months of 2020. Of course, with new releases few and far between this summer as many potential blockbusters like Bill & Ted Face The Music, Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 get pushed back or switched to a Video On Demand platform, the films featured are both classics and genre films.

Some of the nearly 40 titles listed include A Nightmare on Elm Street, Breakfast Club, Casablanca, Despicable Me, Jaws, John Carpenter’s The Thing and Tim Burton’s Batman. 

Named the “Your Own Private Alamo” program, film nerds dying for the experience can purchase the theater screening for $150, though there is an additional required minimum food purchase of $150 as well.  Each person must choose their seat when purchasing a ticket and the event must be planned for sometime during the next three to 14 days of the purchase.  The program is only for select locations and currently available at two select theaters, in both Austin and Denver.  According to NATO, theaters remain completely closed in seven states as of Aug. 3, with another six offering less than a 50 percent capacity thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

This is a good idea, so long as people adhere to the social distancing parameters, however the lineup could really use a classically cheesy, testosterone-fueled Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone action film, though a good horror film on the big screen can be a lot of fun. Perhaps the local drive-in might still be the best way to go.

Fans can see the full line-up of films, and book their spot, on Alamo Drafthouse’s website.