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Beer Snake: DC Defenders Fans Have Already Created The XFL’s Best Tradition

Photo Courtesy of Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

After five weeks, it’s clear the XFL has what it takes to easily surpass last year’s Alliance of American Football disaster, providing football fans with an entertaining, and evolved, product.  And if Vince McMahon’s new league has proven anything thus far, it’s that the XFL’s greatest fans are in Washington D.C., thanks to a tradition at Audi Field the likes of which we have never seen.

While fans typically like to imbibe during sporting events, the D.C. locals found a way to repurpose their plastic cups after finishing their Miller Lite – and it comes in the form of a beer snake.  Put together by the fans in the stands, the beer snake consists of stacked empty plastic beer cups on top of each other to make a vertical snake. It can be several feet long or, in the case of Sunday’s game against the St. Louis Battlehawks, can be the length of full sections. As expected, the league has embraced the engineering feat.

When all was said and done, the beer snake astonishingly stretched the length of the end zone seats, or about 50 rows.  According to the XFL’s estimate, this weekend’s beer snake was 1,237 cups, totaling a combined 19,792 ounces of beer consumed.  Imagine how much more downed before even getting to the stadium. Even Oliver Luck, the newfound league’s commissioner, contributed to the snake, offering up a single plastic cup to help in the effort. Pep Hamilton, the team’s head coach, appreciated it and is even referring to the fanbase as the “12-pack.”  There’s certainly an underlying theme going on here.

The Defenders next home game is this Sunday against the Dallas Renegades and, given the fact that the beer snake has seemingly been outdown each game, we can only imagine the D.C. faithful will show up and continue the tradition.  We expect to see copycats at other events. Still, someone get Miller Lite on the phone. There has to be some sort of sponsorship for this weird activity because it’s certainly getting noticed.