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Blue Moon Brewing Company To Release Limited Edition Lunar Lander-Inspired Kegs

Photo Courtesy of Blue Moon Brewing Company

Over the last several years, exploring space has once again moved to the forefront of the United States’ conscience, as we hope to better understand the vast world out there.  Last week, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origins company revealed plans for a module, named the Blue Moon Lunar Lander, that will soon transport Moon rovers and astronauts to the lunar surface. Given the transporter’s name, Blue Moon Brewing Company announced it’s creating a keg inspired by the vehicle.

These limited edition kegs will be available on July 20, exactly 50 years to the day when the Apollo 11 mission, a group of men now enshrined in history books, made the first Moon landing and took the first steps on Earth’s natural satellite.  Blue Moon has yet to announce any of the specifics on these kegs as far as pricing and availability goes but judging from the mock-ups released, it’ll look just like the lander, except it’ll be filled with Belgian White beer.  According to sources, the size of it is subject to change but most likely the keg will be 7.75 gallons, or the typical quarter barrel size.  This news comes on the heels of Budweiser revealing its own Moon landing tribute beer, the limited edition Discovery Reserve American Red Lager, back in April – which is now available everywhere.

“2019 has been an incredible year for celebrating space and the Moon, starting with the milestone anniversary of Apollo 11,” said Bryan Ferschinger, Vice President of MillerCoors, in a statement. “With the added news of Blue Origin’s lunar lander, we felt inspired to do something that would allow everyone to Reach for the Moon now.”

Founded in Denver in 1995 at Coors Field, Blue Moon was the brainchild of brewmaster Keith Villa, who wanted to brew well-crafted beers inspired by Belgian styles.  What he created was something that would ultimately become one of the largest craft beers in the United States – and we use the term “craft beer” loosely, since MillerCoors owns the company.  Are these unique anniversary-inspired beers and commemorative containers just a gimmick to try and create a buzz and get beer drinkers excited about their brand?

Absolutely, but while there’s typically no big whoop about the beer, keepsakes like these kegs are pretty awesome – and perfect for any space collector or enthusiast. These days, there’s not much more American than beer, so it’s only fitting they help honor one of this country’s most important events, as well as what might be ahead.