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Boston Is Spoiled. Surely, They Won’t Win The Stanley Cup, Right?

Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins/ Photo by AP

The city rightfully known as “Title Town” has had so much good fortune in professional sports that it has become a focal point of envy from fans of long-suffering franchises.

As the Boston Bruins enter Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the St. Louis Blues on Wednesday, they hope to win their first Stanley Cup since 2011. The Blues, however, are just hoping to win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. Their near 50-year drought between Cup appearances is quite the contrast to Boston, who went in 2011 and 2013.

If the Bruins win, which they are favored to do, it would be the third championship for the city since October. It would be the 13th championship since 2001. The Patriots have won six Super Bowls (2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, 2018), the Red Sox have won four World Series (2004, 2007, 2013, 2018), the Celtics have won one (2008), and the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011.

It’s Boston versus the world. But St. Louis may be a bit saltier than others. The 2019 Stanley Cup is the 11th time that Boston and St. Louis have faced off for a championship.

Boston has got the better of St. Louis in seven of ten match ups, enjoying four straight wins over St. Louis with the Bruins defeating the Blues for the Stanley Cup in 1970, the Patriots winning Super Bowl XXXVI over the Rams, and the Red Sox getting the best of the Cardinals for World Series wins in 2004 and 2013.

In fact, the Red Sox won their first World Series since 1918 on St. Louis grass, maybe the Blues can get some payback and win the Stanley Cup on Boston ice.

One has to wonder how you can even process this type of success as a fan. It’s not normal by any standard. The young Boston fans of today cannot relate to the fans who went through the agony of The Curse of the Bambino or the 39-year Stanley Cup drought for the Bruins.

Imagine while Michael Jordan and the Bulls were conquering the NBA that the Blackhawks, Cubs, and Bears were making sure Chicago didn’t have much of a championship parade drought. Now imagine if Jordan was married to a supermodel like Gisele Bündchen. That’s modern day Boston sports. No one else can compete with that and when you’re that great, the level of jealousy is off the charts.

The success of the last 20 years has no doubt created an unrealistic sense of entitlement as a Boston fan. Hell, maybe this continues forever. Unlike a Hollywood ending, maybe the villain wins with Bruins Brad Marchand strolling home ice with the Stanley Cup hoisted high above his head. In that case, rival fans should just stop watching sports…especially you, New Yorkers.