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Boulevard Brewing Company Planning Special Beer For Chiefs’ Super Bowl Win

Photo Courtesy of Boulevard Brewing Company on Instagram

It took the Kansas City Chiefs 50 years to claim a second Super Bowl title but on Sunday night Kansas City rejoiced as all of the heartache was lifted.  Barbecue was enjoyed, text messages were sent, grown men were crying and beers were consumed – but an event like this one, which might happen once in a lifetime, calls for a special beer.  Don’t worry, Boulevard Brewing Company is on it.

Founded in 1989, Boulevard is the city’s oldest craft brewery.  While ingredients have long been the most important aspect to brewing for Boulevard, so has the company’s connection to all things in the Kansas City community, especially the city’s beloved professional football franchise.  It was brewing during the Joe Montana experiment, brewing during the mourning of Derrick Thomas’ tragic death and even brewing after the Tennessee Titans’ massive 21-3 comeback during Wild Card Weekend. The disappointment has far outweighed the good but none of that really matters this week, as the city prepares for Wednesday’s parade to honor the Andy Reid-led Chiefs.  And with great disappointment and tragedy comes great celebration. Boulevard might take a couple days to let it all soak in but it’s made one thing very clear: there will be a special beer.

A lot of people are wondering if the brewery has any tricks up its sleeve – well, it put the rumors to rest Monday afternoon via social media, announcing plans for a special celebratory brew.  There’s no timetable for the release yet but Boulevard promises that “it will definitely be worth the wait.”

It’s not the first time Boulevard has released a special beer to honor a city’s championship.  Back in 2014, the brewery released Crown Town Ale after the Kansas City Royals advanced to the World Series for the first time in 29 years, before eventually falling short to the San Francisco Giants.  The 6.2 percent American Blonde Ale was released again in 2015 when the Royals won the World Series and, as you can imagine, the locals gobbled up the 750ml bottles quickly. It was available on tap at local bars as well. Boulevard also honored the city’s Major League Soccer franchise after it won the MLS Cup back in 2013, releasing Sporting Kansas City Championship Ale.

There’s been no hint as to what Chiefs fans can expect from the upcoming limited release but it would be only fitting if it was a red ale, or some sort of fruit beer – something for the masses to enjoy while celebrating until the start of the 2020 season. Honestly, there’s quite a number of different ways Boulevard could go here, so we’re not ruling out some behemoth beer.  Only time will tell but we’re sure it’ll be as great as Patrick Mahomes!