Photo Courtesy of Carvel

In the 1970s, as Carvel continued to grow into an ice cream giant, there was one product the New York-based company offered that became a nostalgically delicious staple – Fudgie the Whale.  Often promoted around Father’s Day, it immediately became a part of our childhood and a part of pop culture, appearing on shows like Saturday Night Live and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but it was the chocolate and vanilla ice cream – and the signature chocolate crunchies – that left us wanting another piece before it melted.

While the cake is still available wherever Carvel products are sold, you can now have your cake and drink it too.  Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, based just outside of New York City, is teaming up with Carvel to release a beer honoring the iconic celebratory dessert – but it won’t last long.  The stout-styled brew, perfectly named “Fudgie the Beer”, will be available for a limited time, though it’s intended for Father’s Day next month, combining the childhood love of ice cream with the adulthood love of beer.

Fudgie the Beer is a 6-percent alcohol by volume brew, which Captain Lawrence founder and head brewmaster Scott Vaccaro told Food and Wine “includes Carvel Signature Crunchies and Fudge in the mash, as well as Carvel Fudge in the tank.”  We have to imagine that brewery is going to smell incredible for the next several weeks and, if the beer just wasn’t enough, the brewery will create a Fudgie the Whale stout milkshake on site at its beer hall in Elmsford, New York starting on June 6.

“The collaboration came about when Carvel and their PR team, who are big fans of Captain Lawrence, approached us at Captain Lawrence, who are even bigger lifelong fans of Carvel,” Vaccaro also told Food and Wine. “They came to us about collaborating on Fudgie the Father’s Day Float. My love of chocolate and ice cream was installed in me at a young age, by my mother, who is both a choc-aholic as well as a life-long fan of Carvel. The chance to brew a beer with Fudgie and serve a Fudgie-inspired milkshake at our brewery is exciting, experimental and nostalgic all at the same time.”

While we’re not sure just how close to the treat the beer will taste, we certainly appreciate the two companies coming together – and thinking a little outside the box – to try something new.  But it won’t be easy to get our mitts on some.