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Bryson DeChambeau Might Be The Real-Life Happy Gilmore After 423-Yard Drive

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images.

It’s the first day of the PGA Tour’s 2020 Memorial Tournament and Bryson DeChambeau has already become must-watch television, bombing drives like a real-life Happy Gilmore.  This might not seem like something new to the sport’s die-hard fans but now the rest of the world is beginning to take notice, as the California-native continues to hit mind-boggling drives, including a 423-yard shot today on the first hole, which just so happened to be his 10th hole of the day.

DeChambeau first gained some attention several weeks ago at the Travelers Championship, when he managed to almost drive several Par 4 holes and then put up a behemoth 428-yard drive, with help from the cart path, though it ultimately ended in a double bogey.  And he’s not just someone who can use a driver well either, already winning an event this season while finishing T-8 or better in his three starts since tour play resumed, after the COVID-19 delay, but this time he crushed one without the path.

The first hole at the Memorial Tournament, located at the Murifield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio is a 470-yard Par 4 and while a 423-yard drive is impressive, the fact that it carried 345 yards, as he took it over the fairway bunkers that were 330 yards, is nothing short of amazing.  The best part is he didn’t even watch after he swung and, unlike his double bogey several weeks ago, he managed to finish the hole with a birdie.  It’s worth noting that, excluding par threes, six of his seven previous drives leading up to the hole were over 300 yards, including a 406-yard and a 362-yard bash.  

The longest drive in PGA Tour history – not counting Carl Cooper’s 787-yard drive at the Texas Open that rolled down a slope – was hit by Mike Austin, then 64-years-old, who unleashed a 515-yard monster on the fifth hole of the 1974 National Seniors Open Championship, earning him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.  But if DeChambeau continues to smack the ever-loving crap out of the ball at this rate, there might be a new name in the record book after 46 years.

DeChambeau leads the tour in average drive distance, at 323 yards off of the tee.