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Bud Light Continues The Super Bowl Party With Limited Edition Philly Philly Beer Packs

20,418 Limited Edition Packs will be sold starting August 16th, with a chance to gain Eagles tickets as well.


After Bud Light’s successful “Dilly Dilly” marketing campaign went viral, Philadelphians adopted the spinoff phrase “Philly Philly” during the Philadelphia Eagles successful Super Bowl run in the 2017-18 season. Thanks to a promise by Bud Light to Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson, free beer was provided during the Super Bowl victory parade as well. Now for a limited time, Bud Light will be offering a special commemorative beer pack to keep the party going as we get ready for the 2018 NFL season.

The commemorative “Philly Philly” limited edition beer pack will contain two special glasses and one 25oz aluminum beer bottle. The aluminum bottle is colored in the Eagles’ primary shade of green, while one bottle has the Eagles logo printed on it, and the other has Bud Light printed on it. In paying homage to the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII victory of the New England Patriots, the 41-33 final score is also etched into the aluminum bottles. In paying tribute to the now-iconic “Philly Special” play-call, the x’s and o’s diagram of the play is imprinted on the back of the box itself.

Eagles fans and collectors of beer and sports memorabilia will have to act fast in order to get their hands on one of these limited edition beer packs, as only 20,418 will be produced and sold in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. 20,418 was the number chosen as the total to be produced because it commemorates the actual date of Super Bowl LII, which was February 4, 2018. Trucks for Bud Light’s local distributor, Penn Beer Sales & Service, are also commemorating the on-sale date of August 16, 2018, and are decked out in green paint with the Philly Special design on the back of the trucks. August 16th, when the pack goes on sale for $29.99, is also the date of the Eagles and Patriots’ preseason rematch. As if there weren’t enough reasons to search for these packs, select commemorative packs will also allow fans to receive tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles season opener against the Atlanta Falcons on September 6.

Bud Light’s marketing team struck gold with the “Dilly Dilly” campaign, and has been continuing to do so in light of the Eagles’ success. Despite the Philadelphia area being a strong location for craft breweries and offering a variety of options, Bud Light keeps coming out on top thanks to their savvy approach. Whether it’s giving out free beer or giving Eagles fans more options to commemorate one of the biggest sports moments in the city’s history, Bud Light is raising the bar for the competition. The Eagles went from “underdogs” to having a target on their backs this season, and Bud Light is continuing to benefit in the process.