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Busch Light Wants To Put Your Face On Kevin Harvick’s NASCAR Paint Scheme

Photo Courtesy of Busch Light

After a couple of months off, NASCAR is back – yes, you read that correctly – and while it’ll look a little different without fans packing the tracks, Busch Light has come up with a way to give 10 fans unprecedented access.

That’s right, the St. Louis-based beer company is celebrating the return of racing with its usual promotional shenanigans, announcing a new contest this week called #YourFaceHere.  Since fans cannot pack in to see their favorite drivers up close and personal at Charlotte Motor Speedway on May 27, Busch Light wants some of their faces to be in attendance.  It wants to take the faces of 10 loyal customers and slap them on to the paint scheme of Kevin Harvick’s No. 4 car.

It’s not the first time Busch Light has transformed Harvick’s vehicle, with recent contest hashtags, funky emojis and themed paint schemes catching eyes even at speeds of over 200 mph.  Starting May 13 and running through May 17, drinkers can tweet a picture of themselves with a Busch Light logo using #YourFaceHere and #BuschContest hashtags to enter for a chance to be one of the 10 fans to have a photo of their face featured on Harvick’s ride for millions to see live on television. 

On top of the paint scheme spot, the winners will also receive a pair of tickets to attend a 2021 race. Is there anything in the rules about a dog winning a spot on the vehicle and the owner getting the tickets? Because, let’s face it, Busch Light couldn’t pass up an adorable canine face and we happen to know some very cute pups.

NASCAR’s last Sprint Cup Series race was the FanShield 500 at Phoenix Raceway on Mar. 8 before the  COVID-19 pandemic forced the series to take an abrupt hiatus, while instead focusing on creating racing excitement through iRacing.  Now, it’s set to return this weekend – the first North American professional sport to do so – at Darlington Raceway, as fans and curious onlookers anxiously anticipate the product.  If everything goes well, many professional sports might soon follow NASCAR’s lead.

Here’s to hoping – and here’s to hopefully seeing your dome featured on Harvick’s ride.