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Cake Artist Meticulously Recreates ‘Home Alone’ House To Honor Film’s 30th Anniversary

Photo Courtesy of Disney+.

Thirty years ago this Christmas season, a small Chicago-area boy, who was accidentally left at home by his family heading on vacation, thwarted two boneheaded robbers and became a legend.  The end result was Home Alone, the highest-grossing holiday film of all-time, and to celebrate its release three decades ago, one cake artist has carefully recreated the McCallister’s home out of gingerbread.

Standing at a whopping 1.25 meters tall (about four feet) and 1.7 meters wide (about five feet), the gingerbread replica was brought to life by cake artist Michelle Wibowo, in partnership with Disney+ – where you can now stream Home Alone, Home Alone 2 and Home Alone 3, though we wouldn’t recommend that last one.  Wibowo’s attention to detail is incredible, with some features any fan of the film can spot, like tiny gingerbread Kevin, Buzz’s pet tarantula, the Little Nero’s pizza delivery car, Marv and Harry’s Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating van, Kevin’s treehouse, the paint cans and the hero neighbor.

Disney+ commissioned Wibowo to create a cake out of edible ingredients and it took about 300 hours to complete, thanks in part to 63 trees, 33 windows, 14 pizza boxes and six lamp posts.  This isn’t your grand mom’s gingerbread house. It’s made entirely out of gingerbread and icing – that’s right, there’s no schlocky gumdrops here.

Originally released in 1990, Home Alone was directed by Christopher Columbus and stars Macaulay Culkin as a young troublesome boy whose family accidentally leaves him behind as they depart for a lavish Christmas vacation in Paris, forcing him to grow up real fast and defend the family’s home from a pair of burglarizing screwball criminals, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. A reboot of the film starring Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper, Kenan Thompson, Rob Delaney and Pete Homes is currently in the works as an upcoming Disney+ exclusive and will feature Culkin reprising his role.

“I jumped at the chance because it is one of my favorite Christmas movies,” said Wibowo in a statement.  “It doesn’t really feel like Christmas in our house until we have seen it at least twice!”