Celebrate The Last Jedi With These Star Wars Inspired Beers


After almost two years, the wait is over.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters across the United States this weekend and while the initial reviews appear to be fantastic, we are doing our best to avoid any spoilers at all cost. But, much like the rest of the planet, and galaxy for that matter, we cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the year’s most anticipated film and how the story will continue develop, given the way that The Force Awakens ended.

It’s not too difficult to get hyped up for the latest Star Wars release and we’ve had plenty of chances to practice, since The Last Jedi will be the sixth film from the franchise in a little less than two decades. We aren’t the only ones excited and preparing for what is certain to be the highest grossing film of the year – no, many breweries have concocted brews referencing some of the best Star Wars has to offer. So, before you stand in line at midnight, how about hitting the cantina and giving one of these a try:

Imperial Stout Trooper (New England Brewing Co.):

Brewed in Connecticut by New England Brewing Co., Imperial Stout Trooper has been around for nearly a decade and features perhaps the coolest bottle artwork of any beer on this list. With an aroma of rich roasted malts and a hint of cocoa, this Russian Imperial Stout is dark in color with a hefty head and has a smooth flavor, full of roasted malts, as well as a hint of coffee, chocolate and vanilla. It’s a seasonal beer, brewed only in the winter months and, at 9.5 percent alcohol by volume, the dark side will hit you pretty hard. The reviews list this as a solid beer but nothing for which to write home. Serve in a snifter.

Darth Malt (Cottage Brewing Co.):

While we cannot guarantee you’ll be able to find this one, Darth Malt – an American Strong Ale – is brewed in Denver and features a dark amber color to go along with a thin head. It has a caramel and malty aroma that incorporates both toast and nuts. There’s a little bit of a bitterness flavor, as well as a smoked malt flavor and perhaps a little caramel at the end. At 4.5 percent alcohol by volume, it’s definitely one of the weaker Star Wars beers, so you could double-fist it, Darth Maul style. Serve in a snifter.

Light Speed (Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.):

This seasonal pale ale is brewed in Iowa and features “a perfect mixture of Millennium hops and Falconer’s flight blend” and offers an orange aroma and a relatively frothy head. Light Speed’s hazy orange color helps to explain the citrus – and slight pine – taste which gives way to a light bitterness at the end. It’s a very simple, easy to drink, IPA and, at 5.5 percent alcohol by volume, you can have several before going plaid. Serve in a lager glass – or a tulip glass if you’re planning to drink with royalty.

Deth’s Tar (Revolution Brewing Co.):

It just wouldn’t be a list without something from Chicago-based Revolution Brewing Co. and this Barrel-Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout has – what the brewery refers to as – firepower. It’s black in color and pours super thick, with a tan head, which could be thanks to the English specialty malts. Deth’s Tar is chock full of smells – cocoa, cappuccino, vanilla and caramel – and has complex sweet flavor with hints of dark molasses. And that complex flavor is thanks in part to a 12-month oak barrel aging process. This limited release is 14.8 percent alcohol by volume, so be careful or you might end up in a trash compactor but according to the reviews, it’s well worth your time. Serve in a snifter.

Strikes Bock Beer (Empire Brewing Co.):

Brewed in New York, Strikes Bock made such a splash after it was sued by Disney-owned Lucasfilm, since it bears a distinct resemblance to the second movie of the original trilogy. Either way, the beer is a traditional German-style Mai-Bock that’s unfortunately not released until the beginning of spring. It’s 6.5 percent alcohol by volume and features a faint malt aroma and just a hint of both sugar and some spices. The flavor features a tart green apple taste and some weak fruit flavors. The reviews on this one are bad, so give it to that one friend that dresses up like Jar Jar Binks or thinks Ewoks are awesome. Serve in a dimpled mug.

Dark Helmet (The Brew Kettle):

Hailing from Ohio, Dark Helmet might reference Mel Brooks’ 1987 parody film Spaceballs but close enough. Dark Helmet is a Shwarzbier, a traditional imperial black lager, and contains an aroma rich in maple syrup, dark malts and grains, which also makes way for a bread-like smell. It’s got a rich, grainy taste and “a touch of roast” that leads to a slight bitterness – and perhaps a little caramel – at the end. It’s a strong lager, at eight percent alcohol by volume, but this year-round brew, according to the reviews, is sure to please. Serve in a dimpled mug or a lager glass.