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Clean-Shaven Henry Cavill Hilariously Pays Homage To Mustache

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Last year, a mustache almost took down a blockbuster film but, today, we remember that mustache – shaved but not forgotten.  Due to a contract discrepancy, Henry Cavill was forced to do his reshoots for Justice League with his new mustache intact, which he needed for Mission: Impossible – Fallout, and while Warner Bros. wound up using CGI to remove it from Superman in the film, it turned out to be a lousy job.  Naturally, social media went insane with memes after easily discovering the lackluster CGI.

In the upcoming Mission: Impossible sequel, Cavill plays August Walker, the film’s antagonist, who wields an automatic weapon and a pretty badass mustache in the trailer.  But with the film set to be released at the end of July and production mostly completed, a clean-shaven Cavill took to his Instagram account this week to remember his mustache and all of the amazing times the two spent together.

In the clip, Cavill pokes fun at the Justice League incident that was the butt of many jokes, admitting that his current bare face is not the product of any CGI, before it launches into a montage.  Accompanying the montage is Sarah McLachlan’s 1993 ballad – and pet adoption anthem – I Will Remember You.  At the end of the hilariously somber tribute, “#ShavedButNotForgotten” is displayed quickly on the screen.  In just over 10 hours, the clip received more than 481,000 views, along with more than 26,000 comments – that’s pretty much faster than a speeding bullet when it comes to social media these days.


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You might want to rifle though Cavill’s account.  His posts often have a comedic undertone, offering a much different side of the actor from what we see on the big screen.