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Danica Patrick And Aaron Rodgers Send Hilarious Gift To Fan After Video Goes Viral

Photo Courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

It’s amazing how quickly a video can go viral on social media these days and while post-surgery videos are typically a staple of America’s Funniest Home Videos, one spread like wildfire this week, making its way to one of professional sports’ power couples – Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers.  And the auto racing trailblazer and National Football League quarterback hilariously responded.

Last week, Callie Kessler tweeted a video, after surgery to have her tonsils removed, in which she is clearly drugged-up thanks in part to the anesthesia.  In the video, Kessler professed her love for Rodgers as well as Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones – and even gets angry when the woman filming doesn’t know Jones – stating she wanted to be best friends with two-time most valuable player and even says that he would “buy me 400 hundred popsicles” because her throat hurt.  It’s a typical video of a girl clearly feeling the effects of the drugs but it’s clear she’s a massive Packers fan and so desperately wants to become best friends with one of her favorite players.

Through the power of social media, Patrick reached out to Kessler several days later, on behalf of Rodgers, and wanted to send a little gift on behalf of the future Hall of Famer.  So, what exactly was the gift? Well, it was 400 popsicles just like Kessler asked for in the video. After she received the popsicles, Kessler once again took to her Twitter account to thank both Patrick and Rodgers.  That’s when Otter Pops happened to see it and promised to send Kessler another 400 of the brand’s popsicles.

This poor girl is going to have a stockpile of popsicles until she’s in her 70s at this rate.  Still, what a hilarious gesture from the couple, to reach out and send the frozen treats, and from Otter Pops too. We smell a potential endorsement deal in the future.