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Dean Ambrose Returns as Jon Moxley: Is The WWE Star Headed to AEW?


Former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose set the wrestling world on fire with his return vignette of his independent wrestling circuit name; Jon Moxley, furthering speculation about his post-WWE life.

In the video, you can see Ambr…Moxley, escaping prison (or an asylum), walking past a brick wall with a pair of dice on it (foreboding?), training in the ring, and wrapping barbwire around his hand with blood dripping down.

If you look closely, you can see that the dice on the wall are two and five. AEW’s inaugural PPV “Double or Nothing” is on May 25. That could just be a coincidence but with the enormous hype surrounding AEW, many fans are hoping for Moxley’s star power to join the new company.

According to Wrestling Observer, Moxley has bookings at multiple territories and is expected to start in June. His newfound freedom on the independent circuit will certainly be welcomed given he was floundering with WWE creative and in the Moxley return vignette, the comparison of WWE to prison is incredibly blatant.

Moxley’s Ambrose character certainly didn’t get the type of promotion that his fellow Shield members, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, got but he was a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. He did win The Shield triple threat match at Battleground so comparing WWE to “prison” seems a bit harsh.

However, Cody Rhodes changed the game with his jump from WWE to the indies and Ring of Honor and now AEW. Rhodes showed how you can reinvent yourself and take control of your pro wrestling career.

That type of creative freedom and financial independence has to be alluring and with a talent like Moxley, he should be able to do very well financially and enjoy the creative freedom that comes with the indies.