Photo Courtesy of GC Images

In the 1980s, Eddie Murphy was king.  Fresh off a stint on Saturday Night Live, the Brooklyn native had a string of iconic roles, the most recognizable of which might just be in 1988’s Coming To America.  The film grossed over $130 million in the United States and continues to find a cult-like following three decades later – and now fans can visit McDowell’s, the cheap McDonald’s knock-off in the film.  Well, sort of.

To celebrate Halloween, one Los Angeles food joint has decided to take it’s costume to the next level, by transforming Fat Sal’s Deli into a real-life McDowell’s look-alike.  Complete with slightly-off golden arches, Scottish-inspired uniforms and an Employee of the Month banner honoring Akeem, Murphy’s character in the film, I’d say the restaurant – which is located at 1300 N. Highland Ave. in Hollywood – is a fitting homage to the classic, which also stars James Earl Jones, Arsenio Hall and John Amos.  Perhaps the best part of all of this is that the deli will offer their take on actual menu items from McDowell’s, including the Big Mick, a Big Mac with a seedless bun, as well as the Sexual Chocolate milkshake.

So, why choose to replicate McDowell’s when there’s so many other iconic film eateries?

“We were thinking about doing something for Halloween and were trying to figure out what could be fun and exciting and also interact with our food, so we came up with the idea of dressing up the actual restaurant,” owner Josh Stone told the San Diego Union-Tribune.  “We all loved the movie, we’re huge fans of it and there was a food play on it too, that was exciting.  We came up with the idea of putting different signs on, dressing the restaurant up and really making it a different restaurant for a short period of time.”

Unfortunately, Fat Sal’s will only be dressed up as McDowell’s for a few days, though the business has to be loving the attention – even if it had to cost a lot.  Can someone please let Samuel L. Jackson and Louie Anderson know, so they can recreate the robbery scene?