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Detroit-Area Brewery Pays Homage To Tempered Expectations With New Lions-Inspired Lager Dripping With ‘90s Flair

Photo Courtesy of Eastern Market Brewing Company.

For Detroit Lions fans, there’s always tempered expectations when it comes to their football team and Eastern Market Brewing Company, a Detroit-area brewer, has canned their on-going disappointment with Same Old Lager, a limited release highlighting the team’s past glory, in all of its 8-bit goodness.

Released during a weekend where the Lions took a 20-0 beating at the hands of the Carolina Panthers, Same Old Lager is a light, crisp, 4.5% percent ABV classic American lager that has one request: “Don’t set your expectations too high.”  Expectations are something Lions fans have managed to suppress for decades now, since the days of Barry Sanders in the 1990s – with an occasional playoff berth sprinkled in here and there over that time.  So it seems only fitting that No. 20 graces the label of the can, looking like he jumped right out of the classic Tecmo Bowl video game for NES.

Photo Courtesy of @EasternMarketBrewing on Instagram.

Striking that typical Sanders pose, one that helped him rush for more than 15,000 yards before an abrupt retirement just before his 31st birthday, the Hall of Famer is featured in front of a football field, one every ‘90s kid remembers – you know, where Bo Jackson was frustratingly unstoppable and basically considered cheating.  It’s an eye-catching can, one all the locals will likely try and get their hands on for Thanksgiving, because there’s not too many Detroit traditions more synonymous with the holiday than the Lions game.

Eastern Market played into both the Lions fans’ pessimism and the lager’s as well.  There’s nothing all that sexy or trendy about a well-brewed lager, though they can be incredibly drinkable.  No fancy additional ingredients, no massively bold flavor like IPAs and stouts – just an ability to leave you wanting more.  Sounds an awful lot like this year’s 4-6 Lions team, actually. But, let’s be honest, lagers are familiar and still can lead to happiness.

Same Old Lager can be purchased through either of the brewery’s two Detroit-area locations, as well as through delivery.  And don’t worry if you miss out on this batch, there’s another already in fermentation which, according to the Detroit Free Press, should be released in December. Now we want to crack open a lager and fire up the old NES.