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Dogfish Head And Kodak Team Up On Beer That Actually Develops Film

Photo Courtesy of Dogfish Head Brewery

For well over two decades, Dogfish Head Brewery has been at the forefront of beer production, concocting unique libations that are often trailblazers in the market and the company’s latest effort certainly fits with the Delaware-based brewery’s long-standing “off-centered” mantra.

Dogfish Head recently announced its latest beer, a 5.3 percent alcohol by volume gose that features a blend of eight flavorful ingredients – prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices and a touch of quinoa.  Called Super Eight, this slightly tart beer offers a delicious flavor of watermelon and berries and, coming next month, will be available in six-packs but there’s much more to this beer than just its complex fruity flavor. Super Eight actually has the ability to develop Kodak Super 8 film.  You read that correctly.

If you’re young and don’t know what Super 8 film is, it’s a beloved type of analog film that Kodak released in 1965 and this revolutionary technology was widely popular in the 1970s, helping to spark the rise of amateur films. It’s how directors like Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams originally brought their ideas to film growing up.

Brewed in collaboration with the legendary film company, Super Eight features a low pH level and an abundance of Vitamin C, which makes it a legitimate development solution.  According to a recent press release, the idea for the beer came back in 2018 when Dogfish Head Founder and CEO Sam Calagione joined the folks at Kodak to record an episode of their podcast, The Kodakery, and after discussing analog processes in the digital age, Calagione learned the high acidity levels and Vitamin C in beer could develop film.  With a beer already being produced that met those specific standards, Super Eight was instantly born. But, as NeatPour points out, there’s more needed than just the beer – which has to be heated – to develop the film, including more Vitamin C, baking soda and two additional chemicals: ‘stop bath’ and ‘fixer.’

“We said ‘hmm’ this beer is gonna have an acidic sort of sour pH, it’s gonna have a heightened level of vitamin C, and we thought this beer could be the ultimate film developing catalyst,” Calagione said in a statement. “We tested it, lo and behold it is.”

You’re probably wondering who exactly might use beer to develop film, well Dogfish Head sent early batches of the beer to Kodak to use for development and it was a success.  Now, Calagione and the folks at Dogfish Head are planning to shoot an upcoming trip on Super 8 film and develop it using the the Super Eight beer, in partnership with the National Conservancy. While we have no plans to develop any film with Super Eight, knowing it’s brewed by Dogfish Head assures us it won’t taste like some chemical.