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Dogfish Head Brewery Unveils Holy Grail Beer, Utopias Barrel-Aged World Wide Stout

This is what happens when you combine two of the beer landscape's most extreme efforts.

Photo Courtesy of Dogfish Head Brewery

For decades, Dogfish Head Brewery pushed the envelope on making extreme beers so when the company merged with Samuel Adams Brewery last year, there was serious intrigue as to what the Delaware-based brewery would make next.  We now have our answer, as Dogfish Head announced a new limited edition beer that should rocket to the top of every holy grail beer list.

It’s not surprising Dogfish Head’s latest effort is a collaboration with Samuel Adams but what is surprising is that the companies picked two of their most behemoth beers to create Utopias Barrel-Aged World Wide Stout.  Described as an ageable ale, this beer combines two highly sought-after brews, Dogfish Head’s World Wide Stout, one of the most coveted stouts on the market, and Samuel Adams’ Utopias, a unique blend of aged ales that dates back more than 25 years and has an ABV so potent it cannot be sold in some states.  This batch of World Wide Stout spent seven months sitting in freshly emptied Utopias barrels to create a beer the company describes as “jet-black, rich and roasty with balanced notes of espresso, cocoa, sherry and vanilla.” And it clocks in at 17.3 percent ABV, which is a little less than Utopias’ ridiculous 28 percent ABV. 

Available throughout Delaware in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles starting on Mar. 27, Dogfish Head plans to celebrate the release of Utopias Barrel-Aged World Wide Stout with a dinner and beer experience titled “Beyond the Barrels” on April 3 featuring four courses, each paired with a barrel-aged beer, while Dogfish Head brewmaster Mark Safarik, founder Sam Calagione and Samuel Adams brewers chat with folks about the barrel-aging process, the history of World Wide Stout and Utopias and the story behind Utopias Barrel-Aged World Wide Stout.  Tickets are $85 a person and, besides the new limited release, it also features three of the biggest beers out there: Utopias, Assemblage and Rye Barrel-Aged 120 Minute IPA. Make sure you take an Uber because the combined ABV of the four beers is close to triple digits.

“At Dogfish Head, we are always searching for innovative ways to push the boundaries of craft beer,” said Calagione in a statement.  “Whether that’s discovering a new-to-brewing culinary ingredient, like using monk fruit to create our full-flavored, lo-cal IPA, Slightly Mighty; inventing a new brewing technique, like continual hopping, the process behind our 60 Minute IPA and 90 Minute Imperial IPA; or bringing a classic, off-centered ale to life in a new way, like we are doing with Utopias Barrel-Aged World Wide Stout.  And what better way to personify our explorative mindset than by borrowing some barrels from our pals at Sam Adams to integrate two pioneering bold and ageable beers?”

Some thought the merger of the two companies would limit Dogfish Head’s beer exploration but this latest beer is proof that they’re still creating next-level stuff – and have a whole other company to help do it. This one will vanish quick.