Photo Courtesy Of Dogfish Head

It’s no secret that the Dogfish Head folks are constantly at the forefront of innovation when it comes to craft beer, but now the Delaware-based brewery is upping its packaging game as well.  The company’s latest variety pack, the Off-Center Your Summer Pack which features four of their unique efforts like Namaste White, 60-Minute IPA, Sea Quench Ale and Lupa-Luau IPA, features a new water-resistant box that you can use in a pinch, no matter where you are – ice sold separately, of course.

Made from a wet-strength paperboard, a packaging product that’s engineered to combat moisture, the box is designed to hold ice and water for up to six hours without ripping or collapsing – honestly, what better reason to keep you from nursing your beer, or from drinking with friends?  Dogfish Head, now in its 23rd year of existence, was smart and also included perforations on the box, so consumers can quickly rip off the top and open up the remaining flaps, allowing the box to grow in size for the purpose of storing more ice.  The cooler was designed with the help of WestRock, a leading paper and packaging company and the product is currently exclusive to Dogfish Head, though copycats will likely be sure to make their own pretty soon.

“At Dogfish, we’re committed to creativity and innovation through our diverse variety of beers and we couldn’t be more proud of our latest breakthrough in packaging as we rollout our new Off-Center Your Summer [Cooler] Pack,” founder and CEO of Dogfish Head Sam Calagione said in a statement.  “My coworkers and I strive to deliver consistency, high-quality and a portfolio of well-differentiated beers and this new packaging will be a well-timed complement to our upcoming can-focused Off-Center Your Summer program as it combines all three goals into one icy cold pack.”

The 12-pack also includes a custom koozie to hold your beer, so that your hand doesn’t get cold, obviously, while offering drinkers a special code for a chance to win a trip to coastal Delaware for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at perhaps the most well known craft brewery in the United States.  According to Dogfish Head, the trip includes a rare opportunity to brew the Off-Center Your Summer beers with the Dogfish brewers at the production facility in Milton, a two-night stay at the Dogfish Inn, a VIP Tour of the brewery, Happy Hour in the Steampunk Treehouse with Sam Calagione and much more.  The brewery currently sells products in 42 states and Washington D.C., so check wherever you buy beer to see if this new packaging, filled with delicious offerings, is available.