Pro wrestling has a problem and it’s not the product. It’s the fans. Just the worst group of insufferable people and it’s on display at televised events and endlessly showcased on social media every single minute.

No, not all fans are obnoxious twits desperate for attention. There’s plenty of good fans who can enjoy the show, enjoy the product and for the fans who have children, they want them to be able to have fun without it being ruined by moronic groups that are desperate to make the show about themselves instead.

I wouldn’t normally claim to speak for a group of people but I feel comfortable that there’s a large amount of people that are similar in thought and are sick of this group. So yeah, I’ll be the voice for them.

This will be a response to the “haters.” It will not be professional and for that, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to take this chance to apologize…to absolutely nobody.

Listen up, you goofs. Yeah, you, the one who chants “CM Punk” after four years of him not even being in WWE because you think it makes you cool. Yeah, you who does the “What?!” chant. Yeah, you who bitches and moans on Twitter and dirtsheet comment sections, ranting about how much you hate Roman Reigns and constantly threatening to cancel the WWE Network if your favorite wrestler doesn’t win a match…

I’ve got a question for you. What happened to you to make you so miserable? Who pays money to show up to a pro wrestling show just to hijack the event? What makes you think any of us paid to hear from you? Oh, because you’re wearing a Bullet Club shirt to “stick it to the McMahons,” you think you get to dictate how the evening is going to go?

Do you go to theatrical plays and do this?? Do you go to the movies and do this? Because you’re the equivalent of a guy at the movie theater who talks and complains about how much the movie “sucks” and tries to ruin it for others but won’t leave.

That’s you.

You’re that guy.

You’re the guy who seeks out spoilers from dirt sheets and then complains that wrestling is “predictable.” You’re the guy who boos Roman Reigns yet would stick your hand out to tap his shoulder as he walks through the crowd. You’re the guy who thinks it’s funny to curse or chant sexual slurs while kids are around. That’s who you are. Maybe your mother never told you that your opinion doesn’t matter that much.

I don’t know what’s more bothersome–the blatant disregard for others trying to enjoy a show or the hipster act. Yeah, you know the act where you think you’re unique and rebellious for cheering for a smaller guy from the indies who does high spots or cheering the heel and booing the babyface or the one where you bash WWE non-stop (but still watch) while lavishing praise upon New Japan for everything?

That shtick has grown tiresome.

The obsession with with wanting to feel like you “made” a wrestler is ridiculous but is prevalent in the smark community. It’s like someone needing to boast that they followed a band before they became “mainstream” or if you didn’t play a part in someone’s popularity, that person or group must not be “worthy.”


Social media has really amplified this type of behavior. We’ve seen it all too. We’ve seen the same jokes (WWE Creative Humor on Twitter is the epitome of obnoxious smark), we’ve seen the personal attacks from people who can’t separate a wrestling character from the human being. We’ve seen the overuse of “Real fans like this” and “Real fans like that.” We’ve seen all of the “experts” tweet their displeasure despite the fact that they work at Little Caesars. It’s comical.

Still to this day, I declare that one of the worst things WWE has ever done is give into your childish acts when it came to hijacking every show to get Daniel Bryan in a specific spot. Why? Because it made you feel like you had power and that the company should cater to your every whim. You’re last group that WWE should try to appeal to.

Let’s not forget that you get bored and want something else five minutes later. You have no patience and somehow forget that there’s another show the very next week and a new PPV the next month. Things are always changing.

And regardless of who has a title or who is in the last match, it does not prevent you from seeing your favorite stars included on the show.  Even when your favorite becomes champion, you’re still critical. Either you rant about Vince or Kevin Dunn or the writers handling of that star. Or you’ll threaten to stop watching the product and then tweet to let us know because we “really care” about your television choices.

It’s exhausting.

You can like and dislike any star you want. I have my favorites and it’s a variety of talent. I enjoy stars from the independent circuit as well as people that aren’t darlings of the IWC. I like both WWE and New Japan. Yes, it’s possible. But my goodness, the need to be smug and pretentious regarding wrestling is so beyond foolish.

If you’re not a fan of someone, remember that there are people who are. Play along with the show. Realize that just because you’re a grown man and louder than others, doesn’t mean you’re the only ones that exist.

Go to a house show live event and see the difference between the fans who are having a good time with their friends and their families and compare it to those who resort to a high school mentality desperate to showoff for their peers to get attention during a televised show. It’s a world of difference.

Shut up and enjoy the show. Try to have a good time. Wrestling is like pizza…it’s always good. Why? Because at the end of the day, it’s pizza. Just like at the end of the day, wrestling is wrestling. It’s a fun escape for people of all ages.

Try to remember what wrestling was like for you as a kid before you became so jaded. Stop with the dirt sheets and take this as a challenge to develop some courtesy for others and dig deep down in that black heart of yours to try and find joy and drop the constant negativity.

We will all be better off.


The rest of us