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Evolve Longboards Are The Perfect Way To Add Fun To Your Commute

Photo Courtesy of Evolve

For more than three decades, skateboards have been a great way to get around but, these days, they’re also seen as a more practical mode of transportation – perfect for maneuvering through any urban landscape.  The folks at Evolve Skateboards know that the toughest part of your trek to work is often the “last mile” – those pesky in-between miles from home to the subway or the bus to the office – and might just have the perfect way to make those miles easier.

The company’s brand of top-quality electric longboards are perfect for those of us looking for a thrill, but might be even more beneficial for everyday uses, like getting to and from work.  Designed meticulously for almost five years, Evolve’s line of electric longboards are making commutes easier throughout the United States, thanks in part to a top range of 31 miles – nine more than any other board on the market – and a top speed of 26 mph.  So, that boring 40-minute walk every morning could now take about half of that time and be a lot more fun.  Then comes the question of what do you do with the board all day?

Photo Courtesy of Evolve

Evolve has created lightweight and compact longboards, that vary in size.  Take the Carbon GT Series, for example.  Besides containing a 3000 watt motor, this beastly board weighs just 21 pounds in all-terrain mode and four less in the lighter street mode option, thanks in part to its carbon fiber deck, which makes it easy to carry when you’re not on it.  The Carbon GT Series can hold a max load of approximately 220 pounds and features four modes: GT, FAST, ECO and SLOW.  If you have an uphill battle every morning, don’t worry, the Carbon GT Series can go up to 25 percent gradient in GT mode.  Charging it will take time, so make sure you give it four to five hours while you work in the office.

The Carbon GT Series starts at $1,959, which might just be a little out of your price range but don’t worry, there are other options including the Bamboo GTX Series, the Bamboo GT Series and the Bamboo One, which is the cheapest model, starting at $999.  The specs vary depending on the model and all of these can be purchased through Evolve’s website.  It’s well worth the prices if you are looking for a more fun way to get to work plus, think of all you’ll be able to do with it after you have punched out for the weekend.