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Fan Re-Imagining Of Death Star Duel Gives The Classic Battle An Epic 2019 Update

Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Back in 1999 when Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was released, fans were given a glimpse at how computer-generated imagery could further build the Star Wars universe.  In the process, this technology made the once state-of-the-art effects of the original look a little underwhelming.  That newer trilogy opened a more advanced world, which climaxed with an epic battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  It set the table perfectly for their lightsaber duel on the Death Star – an iconic moment in film history where Luke Skywalker watches Darth Vader easily kill his mentor right in front of him.

Both battles have their good and bad qualities but from a special effects standpoint, there’s a world of difference.  What if that Death Star face-off was done using today’s CGI technology? Well, some Star Wars fans decided to re-imagine the scene, giving it a little bit of a 2019 update, one you’re sure to appreciate.

Having released a teaser trailer for SC38 Re-Imagined back at the end of 2017, which racked a ton of views in the following days, FXitinPost unveiled the full just over six-minute scene last week and edited it right into the story of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.  The special effects make for a badass battle between the two but what makes it even more impressive is how the words from the previous fight on Mustafar are dropped in right before Vader annihilates Kenobi and how it syncs up beatifically to moments surrounding the original scene.  It incorporates the use of the force, as the two throw around each other at times, a far cry from the original scene shot in the 1970s with a stuntman in a black suit and a classically-trained actor in his 60s. It has a lot of the same feel of Vader’s ass-kicking scene from Rogue One, only now we really get to see older Obi-Wan’s capabilities and how he’s almost on the same level as his opponent.

The scene was uploaded to YouTube last Wednesday and already has close to five million views, as Star Wars enthusiasts continue to go nuts for it. This is the only project FXitinPost has released online via YouTube but it’s pretty amazing, so much so that whoever they are they need a job at Pixar, Lucasfilm or some other animation studio.