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This Fan’s 36,000-Domino Spider-Man Tribute Is Mesmerizing


For well over five decades, Spider-Man has been the centerpiece of Marvel’s comic book lineup, though his popularity spiked in recent years thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Now, with the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming set for next year, along with Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse – an animated feature-length film hitting theaters in December – and a recently released Playstation 4 video game, the character has never seen this kind of exposure.  And some fans are really, really happy about it.

While many have paid homage to the new video game by recreating some of the famous comic book covers using the game’s photo mode, one fan has taken it to a whole other level.  That fan, known online as TheDominoKing, spent nearly a week creating a work of art using 36,000 dominoes, paying homage to the superhero, his logo and more.  While we can only imagine the painstaking process that was involved in it’s creation – one we assume was blocked off from any potential pets or people also living with the creator – it’s reminiscent of the elaborate dominoes setups we always failed to create as youngsters.

And, in less than two minutes of mesmerizing bliss, the dominoes come tumbling down.

“I’ve been playing the new PS4 Spider-Man game and can honestly say it’s the best superhero hero game I’ve played since the Batman Arkham games,” TheDominoKing wrote in the video’s description.  “So after beating the game, it inspired me to dedicate a video to Spider-Man.”

With a name like TheDominoKing, this isn’t the only video this YouTuber has put up on his page, which now has more than 370,000 followers.  Some other tributes by the self-proclaimed domino artist include video games like Pokemon, Fallout and Super Mario Odyssey – the last of which was done with close to 150,000 dominoes and took nearly two months.  Be careful though, you can easily wind up down one of those black holes.

Clearly, this person isn’t the only one wrapped up in Spider-Man.  In its first three days of release, the video game sold 3.3 million copies, the fastest of any Playstation first-party title in history, edging out the latest God of War title which was released back in April. 

It’s just one more notch Stan Lee can add to his belt.