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Fans Can Win A Cameo In The Bill & Ted Sequel By Videoing Themselves Rocking Out

Photo Courtesy of Orion Pictures

With the whole world topsy-turvy thanks to COVID-19, the plans for Hollywood moving forward remain uncertain, especially as numerous summer blockbusters have already pushed back their release dates. But one sequel, nearly three decades in the making, is still scheduled as planned for a late August premiere – and you can win a cameo in third installment of this beloved franchise.

Bill & Ted Face The Music writer Ed Solomon recently announced on his Twitter account that fans could win a chance to be in the upcoming film.  As outlined on the film’s website, Party On With Bill & Ted, the contest offers fans the opportunity to submit a short video of themselves, their friends or even their pets rocking out, whether it’s with an actual instrument or just air guitaring like Keanu Reeves’ Theodore “Ted” Logan and Alex Winter’s Bill S. Preston Esquire do throughout the series.  The website also offers the demo track, featuring a most excellent guitar riff, fans need to include in their video entry, which must be submitted by the May 20 deadline.

“We want people to be themselves and have as much fun as they can and not to stress it, especially given that most of us are stuck at home or in some version of home,” Solomon recently told Collider. “Groups are great – as long as people are being safe, but alone is totally fine too.”

While there’s no exact information about winning, the chosen fan, or group of fans, will be featured in the film.  Our guess, given the current inability to travel, is that these clips will be used in a montage during the film or, perhaps, as part of the ending credits.  And then you’ll be featured with the infamous duo who not only traveled through time with some of the world’s most historical figures but also defeated Death in a most stressful game of Battleship and Clue. It’s basically any Bill & Ted fan’s dream.

The videos should be kept under 30 seconds – fans can submit as many as they’d like – and no logos of copyrighted material can appear as well.  There’s an official outline and breakdown of the contest, as well as how to submit the video, on the site.  Fans are also encouraged, during these difficult times, to donate to three different charities while submitting, including Feeding America, World Central Kitchen and Homes For Troops.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a goofy air guitar video to submit.