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Five Workouts Perfect For After That Fourth of July Feast

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The Fourth of July is a holiday filled with fun, family and especially food. It’s celebrated all across the United States, as 64 percent of Americans attend some sort of a Fourth of July party, whether it’s in backyards, lakes or any other outdoor areas.  Americans spend about $6.4 billion on food for the event, with hot dogs and hamburgers being the featured items, though potato salad, chips and cookies are also likely on the menu.  The only problem is, during every holiday we get together with friends and family to celebrate, we unavoidably eat too much. Normally, there is some travel involved around the holiday weekend and most gyms aren’t open to celebrate. During days like these, sometimes just a super quick 10-minute workout with no equipment is exactly what we need.

Below, I have five different workouts perfect for after the Fourth of July food coma, that need no equipment at all – they are all different lengths and types of workouts too.  Each workout is manageable for everyone, no matter what your workout level, and can be changed to fit each person’s specific needs. All of these workouts are meant to be done at your own pace. 

The first workout is a long one and it starts with a one mile run.  Immediately following the run, you begin seven sets of four burpees, a technique in which you start in the standing position before dropping to where your chest and thighs touch the ground and then kick your feet back forward into squat position before standing back up.  After the burpees, do seven sets of four air squats, which is just a squat, though you want to make sure your butt below is parallel. Finally, do seven sets of four switch lunges, which is a lunge that incorporates switching legs to the other side rapidly – and if balance is a problem, you can just lunge one and then the other. Then after all that work is quickly completed, do another one mile run.

The second workout is 10 RFT, or rounds for time, sets consisting of 10 burpees and 10 air squats.  Rounds for time means to finish all the reps of the burpees and air squats as fast as you can. 

The third workout also focuses on seven rounds for time, consisting of four burpees, four lunges, four push-ups, and four air squats. For some people, push-ups can be a real problem, so if that’s the case, use an elevated surface to help complete the set but make sure your chest is touching the surface.  That should help with the potential intimidation factor and difficulty of the push-ups. 

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The fourth workout is another rounds for time workout, only this one consists of running 400 meters at the beginning and following it up with 50 air squats and 25 push-ups. 

The fifth, and final workout, is a little different as it is an AMRAP, or as many reps as possible in the time allotted. This one is 10 minutes, with the goal being to do as many as possible, and it consists of 10 crunches, 10 push-ups and 10 air squats. Sure, it might only take 10 minutes but the point of this workout is to get in as many rounds as possible and you’ll really feel it. 

On a holiday weekend filled with beer, meat and travel, these workouts will help to burn off some of those unnecessary calories – and they are also great workouts when you don’t have gym access or simply can’t afford a monthly membership. They require no equipment and are fun and easy to do, so take a few minutes and give it a try and have a great Fourth of July!