Photo Courtesy of Applebee's

If you’re already getting a little tired of the pumpkin spice beers this time of year, Applebee’s has the cheapest way to get into the Halloween spirit without seeming like a pretentious turd.  This week, the restaurant chain announced it will be pouring $1 “Zombie” cocktails until the end of October.  It’s the latest addition to Applebee’s now famous monthly drink specials and we are definitely on board.

If you’re not familiar with a Zombie cocktail, it’s a mixture of fruit juices, typically passion fruit, as well as a mix of both light and dark rum.  Served in a 10-oz. mug, Applebee’s Dollar Zombie is a neon shade of blue and contains rum, passion fruit, pineapple and lime, along with gummy brain candy – the perfect concoction for a college football Saturday.  Sure, this might not sound like much to some of you, willing to drop $10 on an overpriced mojito or prickly lemonade in some ironic dive bar at the bat of an eye.  We’ve been there and done it too but sometimes it’s nice to go out and throw a few back without breaking the bank – and enjoy chicken quesadillas or mozzarella sticks in the process.

“Halloween is a favorite holiday around here and we’re excited to offer guests the opportunity to celebrate all month long with our new Dollar Zombie,” said Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s, in a statement.  “We invite people to get into the spirit early by trying our Neighborhood Drink with an infectious taste.  The only thing to fear this Halloween is missing out on this awesome drink.”

The Dollar Zombie is the latest addition to Applebee’s “Neighborhood Drink” menu, with other recent offerings including $2 Samuel Adams Oktoberfest beers last month, $1 Long Island ice teas and $1 margaritas, which comes and goes as part of the restaurant’s “Dollarita” special.  It’s a pretty brilliant maneuver for getting people in the doors.  Any chance we could put in an early request for $1 apple pie moonshine for Novemeber?

So, stop what you’re doing and head to your local Applebee’s for some Dollar Zombies.  You’re friends will be frightened when you actually pick up the check for once.