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Former Buccaneers Quarterback Asked To Announce Draft Pick Team Doesn’t Have


With only a couple of days remaining before the start of the 2018 National Football League Draft in Dallas, many teams are not only doing last minute evaluating but also planning the logistics.  Recently, one new trend has been to have celebrities or former players announce team picks, so when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reached out to former quarterback Jeff Garcia, the 48-year-old was honored.

Garcia played for several teams throughout his 11-year NFL career, including two seasons with Tampa in 2007 and 2008, where he led the Buccaneers to a postseason berth – the franchise’s last appearance.  He was informed by the Buccaneers that he would be announcing the team’s third round pick and so he immediately took to Twitter to make the announcement, as well as show the team his gratitude.  The only problem here is that Garcia was quickly reminded that the Bucs do not currently have a third round pick in this year’s draft, having traded it away in landing former New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.  When one media member explained it to Garcia, his response was less than kind.

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In his response, Garcia tweeted that he’ll be announcing one of the draft picks and went on to say “I could care less about who they pick nor do I pay any attention as to what picks they have or don’t have.”  In fairness, the Buccaneers have hardly been relevant since he left, so I’m sure many other people don’t pay much attention.  But he ended the tweet with the one thing most NFL fans – who have been studying college players and watching so-called draft gurus talk about mock drafts – don’t want to hear the week of the draft and it’s just three simple words: “I have a life.”  Well, just a few hours later, he went back to Twitter.

This time, the San Jose State alum had a much different tone.  Garcia must have let what he’d said simmer for a while and so he decided to apologize for the remarks that he made.  It was clear Garcia was embarrassed by how the entire situation unfolded, although it’s really not surprising that he’d fire back almost immediately because, as we learned on the gridiron, Garcia is an abundantly passionate man.

But, maybe next time get all of the information before making your way to social media – just a suggestion.