Photo Courtesy of Think Geek

[dropcapN[/dropcap]ow that Thanksgiving is behinds us, it’s full steam ahead towards Christmas, even if it is still November.  That means we’re looking for the best ways to get in the spirit of the holiday and decorate accordingly – and what better way than honoring A Christmas Story’s infamous leg lamp.  That’s right, if you don’t want the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window but still want to add a dose of pop culture to your decor, there’s a set of string lights for this “major award.”

While we’re not sure if these come from Italy, A Christmas Story Leg Lamp String Lights are just like ordinary strands of holiday lights except each bulb features a three and a half inch tall version of that now iconic lamp, which the Old Man won thanks to his crossword puzzle.  The strand is 10 feet long, features 10 individual lamps – complete with trim around the skirt portion – and includes four replacement incandescent bulbs as well as a fuse. The best part is that the lights can be used either indoors or outdoors.  It’s definitely a much cheaper option than buying the life-size lamp, which can run as much as $120.

It’s a festive way to let people know you enjoy one of the greatest Christmas films ever made – yes, we said it and we will once again try and watch as much of the 24-hour TBS marathon as possible.  Just make sure your significant other likes these lights before you buy them, otherwise they just might find yourself in the same situation as Mrs. Parker.  The lamp string lights are available on Think Geek for $24.99, though you might be able to get a deal as Christmas approaches.  If you’re a nerd like we are, or know some nerds, there’s plenty of other stuff on Think Geek that would make for perfect holiday gifts.

Now, we just need to find an accompanying strand that features Ralphie’s bunny outfit and you can bet we’d display them a lot more often than just when our aunt comes over.