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Goose Island Created An Ice Cream Truck-Inspired Beer Van To Roam Chicago’s Streets

Photo Courtesy of Goose Island Brewing Company

In these difficult times, breweries are trying to think outside of the box just to stay afloat during the COVID-19 lockdown, relying solely on curbside pickup and delivery.  While some are delving into their vintage collection or consistently brewing new efforts, Chicago’s Goose Island Brewing Company is trying something a little different, with a new ice cream truck-inspired van roaming the city.

According to Eater Chicago, Goose Island has unleashed a black van on the streets of Chicago and, in typical ice cream truck fashion, it plays a jingle while looking for thirsty patrons.  Featuring “Want Beer Right Now?” on the side, along with Goose Island’s logo and a phone number, customers can call and the van will stop and make a delivery of the various libations it’s carrying at that time. Or perhaps it’ll make a pit stop back at the brewery? Either way, it sounds quick, easy and all without ever having to leave the house.

One of the beers available on the van might just be Goose Island’s latest effort, Sunshine Tomorrow Blonde, a limited beer only available at the brewery’s Fulton taproom, benefiting the Chicago Community COVID Response Fund – a collaborative project with the United Way and Chicago Community Trust. Sunshine Tomorrow Blonde is a 5.4 percent ABV hoppy blonde ale featuring Lotus, Cascade, Chinook and Zythos hops.

The black ice cream truck-inspired van roams the Chicago area from Thursday to Sunday and actually first got noticed when a Reddit user saw Goose Island’s ride making a delivery.  It could inspire other breweries in areas with lengthier shutdowns to follow suit, because it’s just beer delivery with a fancy jingle – it’s not like anyone can walk up and grab some like an actual ice cream truck. The van’s driver does not carry any cash and a sticker on near the back bumper asks customers to remain six feet away.

Just imagine hearing that nostalgic jingle and seeing a beer delivery truck.