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Goose Island Offering Free Beer To Bears Fans Who Make Field Goal

Photo Courtesy of @GooseIsland on Twitter

For the most part, the National Football League’s Wild Card Weekend was a bit of a dud, with the first three games leaving much to be desired.  However, Sunday’s late afternoon game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field became an instant classic.

It was close for most of the majority of the game as the defenses hold their ground and then Eagles quarterback Nick Foles took the team down the field and scored a touchdown with about one minute left to play to give Philadelphia the lead.  The heavily favored Bears didn’t roll over but, instead, marched down the field to set up 43-yard field goal attempt by Cody Parkey.  What transpired next was one of the most unlikely things you’ll ever see in a football game.  Parkey, with the help of a fingertip block from one the the Eagles’ defenders, kicked it off the upright goal post and then the crossbar, as it bounced out and missed.  It’s already nicknamed the “Double Doink” game and, as you might expect, Chicagoans are irate at Parkey – who missed 11 kicks over the course of the season – and pretty much every member of the Bears after such a gut-wrenching loss.  

Well, one Chicago-based brewery is sticking up for Parkey and his makeable, yet not easy, potential game-winning kick – and putting beer where there mouth is.  On Monday, Goose Island Beer Company, which has been pumping out some tasty brews in the Windy City since 1988, took to Twitter.  Clearly sick and tired of the complaints and verbal attacks Parkey and his family were receiving, Goose Island made a declaration to those fans who sit on the couch but immediately claimed that they could’ve made Parkey’s missed kick.

“A lot of armchair kickers on here are saying that they could hit that field goal,” Goose Island staff tweeted late Monday afternoon.  “Which we find DOUBTFUL.  You’re gonna sit there on your throne of potato chips and vape pens and criticize this dude’s athleticism?  GET REAL.  So you pro athletes can come and prove us wrong.”

The brewery, which puts out one of the best beers in the states, Bourbon County Stout, went on to announce that it will be building a makeshift field goal in the middle of the street outside of its location on 1800 W. Fulton St. this weekend, Jan. 11-13.  The staff is encouraging any blowhard that thinks they could’ve made the 43-yard field goal to come down during taproom hours and give it a shot – with the prize being free beer for a year, according to the post.  One attempt per patron and they must sign up.  We can’t imagine everyone will get free beer for a year, so if we had to guess, they’ll probably be entered into a sweepstakes, because several people might be able to accomplish the feat.

It’s easy to hide behind a keyboard and trash what professional athletes do, even if they do get paid millions of dollars, but they’re still humans.  So, for Goose Island to call out fans who are popping off at the mouth is kind of refreshing.  What other professional teams should’ve done this over the course of history?  We can certainly think of several.