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Great Divide Brewing Company Wants To Give You The Opportunity To Brew A Batch Of Your Homebrew On Their System

Photo Courtesy of Great Divide Brewing Company.

For more than two and a half decades, Great Divide Brewing Company has created what it calls “distinctly Denver beer,” winning countless awards along the way.  Now, for the first time ever, they’re offering the opportunity for a homebrewer to brew a batch of their own beer on the company’s system.

Earlier this week the brewery announced a new contest, in search of the best fruit-forward IPA from homebrewing enthusiasts.  From November 12-15, homebrewers will be able to drop off their efforts at Great Divide Brewery & Roadhouse or at Reivers Bar and Grill to be judged by local industry experts, who will take aroma, taste, mouthfeel and signature hoppy flavor into account.  The three homebrewers whose beer is crowned champion will each win the opportunity to brew, with assistance of course, a batch of the beer on Great Divide’s brewing system at Vibe Concepts’ Great Divide Brewery & Roadhouse, located about a half hour south of Denver.

“Our goal in creating this contest was to provide something for people to look forward to during a year that has been difficult for many,” said Vibe Concepts co-founder, Dan Shipp, in a statement.  “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will give homebrewers the opportunity to dig deep and get creative.  To top things off, we’ll be able to share that creation with our guests for an entire month.”

The beer, which will be announced during the week of November 16, will be on tap for a month at the brewery’s Denver and Castle Rock locations beginning on New Year’s Day.  How cool is that? And the three winners will also receive a Vibe Concepts gift card and some Great Divide merchandise. This contest is an excellent way to showcase what a brewery’s drinkers are capable of, all while continuing to grow the passion of homebrewing. We hope other breweries follow suit with their own homebrew contests.