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Hasbro Is Turning The Mandalorian’s Blaster Into A Full-Scale Premium Nerf Gun

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro.

Remember when Nerf guns were just these massive, clunky hunks of plastic – well, now they look like one of your favorite weapons from the Star Wars universe.  Hasbro recently unveiled its newest Nerf gun, an epic full-scale version of The Mandalorian’s Amban Phase-pulse blaster, the same one the bounty hunter uses to disintegrate Jawas, Tusken Raiders and other creatures in the Disney+ series.

At over four feet (50.25 inches) long, the blaster has to be among the longest Nerf guns ever sold.  It comes with a Nerf Elite 10-dart cartridge, which goes into a pop-up breach to be primed and then pumped, in similar fashion to Mando’s actual weapon.  The blaster takes two AAA batteries and features a light-up scope and eight different sounds, including four blaster sounds and four charging sounds – so you can feel like you’re on Tatooine. And did we mention the packaging is almost as awesome as the blaster?

Photo Courtesy of Hasbro.

Much like The Mandalorian’s gun and armor, this thing looks worn, thanks to meticulous specifics like fake scratches, a wood textured stock and gold-colored metalized details.

Recommended for ages eight-and-up, the blaster isn’t the first Star Wars-themed weapon Hasbro has put out.  There have been others recently like the Rogue One Jyn Erso Deluxe Blaster and the extremely hard-to-find Episode VII First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster.  Mando’s weapon is part of the new Nerf LMTD line, which focuses on creating premium, more limited edition, collectible toys.  And if it’s all about both effective shooting and shooting a ton of rounds in a short period of time, it might not be the best gun to add to your arsenal, since it’s a spring-powered, single-shot rifle.

The best way to find out might just be to grab one of your own – but it won’t be cheap.  The blaster is currently available to pre-order for $119.99 until the end of the month and it’s expected to arrive sometime in Spring 2021, which just means you’ll have plenty of time to reenact the scene with [spoiler alert] before Season 3. Are we too old to get one?