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Hasbro Unveiled A Baby Yoda Animatronic Plush And The Hysteria Has Already Begun

Photo Courtesy of Craig Barritt/Getty Images

It’s only been a few months since Disney+ launched and with it came the first-ever Star Wars live-action television series, The Mandalorian.  Season 1 of the series proved to be a smash hit, bringing the world its first glimpse of Baby Yoda, or at least a creature that looks very similar to the popular character.  Ever since, fans have been clamoring for merchandise of the little green guy and this week they got their first look at new Star Wars toys, including an animatronic Baby Yoda Plush.

Hasbro officially announced the doll on Good Morning America Thursday morning, revealing the plush, along with a normal plush Yoda and a Funko Yoda, in front of Michael Strahan, Rob Marciano and a live studio audience.  While the official release date for this lifelike Baby Yoda, which is actually called “The Child” by both Disney and Hasbro, remains unclear – it will be available at retailers potentially in the spring –  this almost Furby-like doll is pretty impressive. Activated by pressing on its head, the animatronic plush comes with 25 different sounds and motion combinations.  It burbles and coos like any baby might, but can also wiggle its ears, move its head side-to-side and, every once in a great while, even extend its arm, as though it’s using the force.

Speaking of the force, if you lay the Baby Yoda down, it will take what they’re calling “a force nap.”  Hopefully it doesn’t wake up out of nowhere. His eyes also open and close and he plays music, perhaps The Mandalorian theme, as well.

The doll comes with the same necklace and parka-like sweater as seen on the series, though the carriage is separate.  The preorder for the animatronic doll, which will cost a surprisingly cheap $60, started Thursday and will likely sell out very quickly – in fact, the first batch might sell out by the time you’re reading this story.  It’s unclear exactly how many Hasbro plans to make or distribute.  And if you don’t get one right away, you can always get the standard plush, or even a coloring book – there are plenty of other options soon hitting the market to help you get your fix of this adorable dude.