Photo Courtesy of Honda

In 1958, before most of us were born and before it sold automobiles, Honda released the 50-cc Super Cub, which revolutionized the way much of the world traveled.  In the process, the scooter-motorcycle hybrid became the best-selling motor vehicle of all-time, with more than 100 million sold since its release.  Well, earlier this week, Honda announced that the Super Cub – along with another popular seller, the Monkey – will both be making a return to the United States market next year and feature an awesome look.

Both of these motorcycles will feature a 125-cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder motor from the Gromm – a more sporty bike which the company claims is small, reliable and a lot of fun – and the Super Cub will contain a four-speed, semi-automatic transmission and anti-lock brakes.  While the bike hasn’t been sold in the states in almost 40 years, don’t worry, nothing about the Super Cub is original, instead it has a totally modern engine, complete with fuel injection and electric ignition.  One of the nicest features with the Super Cub is a centrifugal clutch, allowing the rider the ability to change gears without using the hand clutch.

Photo Courtesy of Honda

Sold as a single-seater, the Super Cub can be upgraded to a two-seater.

The 2019 Super Cab 125cc ABS will be available in just one pretty stylistic color combination – Pearl Niltava Blue – with 17-inch wheels and an introverted fork and twin shocks in the rear.  It contains a LCD instrument panel and displays the speedometer, odometer and fuel gauge, plus the Super Cub has a storage rack over the rear fender.  If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on the Super Cub, it’ll hit the market in January and is expected to start around $3,600, with ABS coming standard.

We think the Super Cub will sell very well, given that it’s simple, it’s cheap and it’s a lot of fun – all while tapping into a retro characteristic that is super hot with today’s millennial.  Of course, they’re only really beneficial in urban hotspots as well as the suburbs, but still, be prepared to see them whizzing by you.