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If You Build It,They Will Come:Yankees,White Sox To Play at ‘Field of Dreams’

Photo by Universal

Is this Heaven? No, it’s Iowa and on Aug. 13, 2020, the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox are going to play in a one-off game at the legendary field in Dyersville.

The cornfield turned baseball field in the 1989 movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner, will have a temporary 8,000-seat stadium built on site of the popular tourist attraction and be made to honor the White Sox old field Comiskey Park.

Through the cornfield, a pathway will be built leading fans to the game and the right field wall will be broken up by windows exposing the cornstalks. It marks the first time MLB will be played in Iowa.

“The Yankees organization is proud to participate in such a unique celebration of baseball,” Hal Steinbrenner, managing general partner of the New York Yankees said in a statement. “‘Field of Dream’s captures the pure essence of baseball, and it continues to bring generations of fans — and families — together to embrace its timeless roots. It’s a distinct honor for us to showcase our great game in such an iconic and intimate setting while promoting the movie’s legacy. I fully expect that this experience will exemplify why baseball remains a cherished American pastime.”

Field of Dreams, a beloved baseball movie and one movie guaranteed to make men cry, focuses on an Iowa corn farmer, Ray Kinsella, who hears voices and is inspired to carve out a baseball diamond in his cornfield, which brings back Shoeless Joe Jackson and the 1919 Chicago White Sox (noted as the team from the Black Sox Scandal).

Despite a teenage vandal destroying the field last year, the movie site still looks the same as it did in 1989 with tours given inside the farmhouse where Costner’s character and family lived overlooking the cornfield baseball park.

With only 8,000 tickets available, the Yankees-Sox game will be one of the most sought after tickets. One can only hope that MLB will not let the tickets be gobbled up by the wealthiest of baseball fans and at least devote a portion to some kids who can enjoy the games with their father.

After all, Field of Dreams captures the simplistic beauty of having a catch with your father.