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Interview: Alexa Bliss Comes Full Circle At WrestleMania

WWE's Raw Women's Champion opens up about WrestleMania, inspiration for her character, her love of Disney, Vince McMahon and life outside the ring.


Four years ago, New Orleans played host to WWE’s biggest show of the year—WrestleMania. One of the key matches that took place that night was Triple H versus Daniel Bryan. And with it being a Triple H match at Mania, an elaborate spectacle of an entrance was expected.

The “King of Kings” made a royal entrance, sitting upon a throne, surrounded by three beautiful women in masks that helped remove his cloak and spiked-armor before making his way to the ring.

Those three women would become WWE women’s champions. They were Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair…and Alexa Bliss. Now four years later, WrestleMania is back in New Orleans and Bliss is no longer an extra in an entrance. She’s the current Raw Women’s Champion with her own singles match on the card.

“WrestleMania in New Orleans is going to be really special for me. It was my first WrestleMania that I attended four years ago when I was a part of Triple H’s entrance. Now I get to have my own entrance as champion in the same place,” Bliss said. “I’ll probably be very emotional that day.”

Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair with Triple H at WrestleMania 30

Bliss has been red-hot since she came up from NXT to join WWE’s main roster. She won the SmackDown women’s championship at the end of 2016 and ended up becoming a 2-time champ before switching to the Raw brand.

It didn’t take long for Bliss to make her mark on Raw. Less than three weeks of being on the new brand, Bliss won the Raw Women’s Championship, becoming the first star to win both titles. She has held the title ever since with the exception of eight days before she won it back for a second time.

“It’s very exciting. Last year I thought it was amazing and that it couldn’t get any better walking into WrestleMania as SmackDown Women’s Champion so this year, I’m walking into my second WrestleMania as Raw women’s champion,” Bliss said. “I could not have asked for a better year with WWE. They have been so great to me.”

Nia Jax and WrestleMania

When “The Goddess of WWE” walks into WrestleMania, she will face off against her former friend Nia Jax, who dwarfs the current champion when it comes to size and strength. It’s not common for a current champion to be the underdog but that’s what Bliss is in this contest. But she knows this.

“I am going against my former best friend Nia Jax and I think this will be my toughest match to date because this one is more personal. All of the other matches I’ve had have been all business, competition or going for a title but now, it’s personal,” Bliss said. “I’m going to have to be quicker than her and find any opening I can take to exploit her weaknesses. Even though she’s bigger and stronger than me, she has weaknesses and it’s going to be my job to use them.”

What has made Bliss such an interesting heel and have fans eating out of the palm of her hand is her viciousness. There is not a current woman on the roster who can hold a candle to the current champion when it comes to delivering a promo (not counting Stephanie McMahon).


Character Inspiration

After becoming the first woman to ever win an Elimination Chamber match, Bliss had a microphone put in her face. She was in tears describing how much the victory meant to her as the crowd chanted, “You deserve it.” She thanked them and said it was about every little girl who dreamed big.

Fans were wondering if Bliss was now a “babyface.” Then in a split second, Bliss turns to the crowd and says, “I’m looking out here at every one of you and the reality is, none of you will ever accomplish any of your dreams.”

It’s the ruthlessness and the confidence she exudes that has made her one of the most popular figures in WWE. But it’s a character. Bliss is nothing like the venomous character she portrays.

“I always joke around and say that my mother said I did that my whole life but that’s not true. It’s just one of those things. With the Alexa Bliss character, it’s so far from my real self that it’s almost a fun challenge for me,” Bliss said. “At the beginning of that promo, those were real emotions. I was really excited and happy for that moment but then I had to remember, ‘This is who I’m portraying.’ At the drop of a hat, I have to be able to pull this out just like I did when I won the SmackDown women’s championship on Talking Smack. Same thing. I was crying and really happy about having my first title and then they asked me if I was thankful to Becky and that’s when I switched and was like, ‘I’m sorry. Who?’”

But where did she learn to create that character?

When Bliss was in NXT and was trying to get this character down with Blake and Murphy, she spoke with her mom about how they can make it relatable and then it donned on them— “that girl” in high school.

“Everyone knows that girl in high school. There’s always that one. That one mean girl. No one likes her but they were afraid of her so they still voted for her for Prom Queen. She was evil but she was still popular,” Bliss said. “I kind of went that route because everyone knows that girl. I knew that girl in high school. I wasn’t that girl but I knew her so I just try to take little bits of people I know and put them in the character.”

The ‘Real’ Alexa Bliss

With that type of ability to perform in the ring and on the microphone, it’s no wonder WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is a big fan of her work. There’s an obvious trust in her as a performer. They have believed in her to lead each brand at some point in setting the tone.

Perhaps that trust has always been there. Triple H chose her to be front and center for his WrestleMania throne. Stephanie McMahon chose her to be included in her personal workout video and Bliss even got Vince McMahon to show a softer side upon their introduction.

“The first time I met Vince, I had my hair extensions and was painting them pink with hair dye. I’m sitting there in makeup, painting my hair extensions and Vince walks by and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. Hi.’ And he was like, ‘Hello’ and looks at my hair and asks me what I’m doing and I said, ‘I’m painting my hair extensions’ and he was really funny about it and said, ‘You think I need pink in my hair?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, that would be awesome,’” Bliss recalled.

“Little Miss Bliss” doesn’t seem to be intimidated by anything. She has wrestled in front of huge crowds, she controls the room (and the ring) when she walks into it and she is one of the main focal points of Total Divas ON E! So, it’s surprising when Bliss considers herself anti-social and a bit immature.

“I’m pretty anti-social. I don’t go out. I’m very immature still. My ideal night for me, personally, is watching Disney movies and drinking a glass of wine by myself in the hotel room. That’s my ideal night,” Bliss said. “I guess people would describe me as the character I portrayed in NXT when I threw glitter and wore tutus and was very bubbly because that’s what I love. I love things that are sparkly and glittery and Disney, all of these things a 26-year-old probably shouldn’t like but I do.”

If it wasn’t already understood, Bliss is an avid Disney fan with Monsters, Inc. being her favorite film (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Beauty in the Beast round out her top five). The Raw Women’s Champion feels if she was a Disney character, it would be the angry Tinker Bell if she stayed mean all the time, she explains while also educating yours truly and offering tidbits regarding the animation in Lilo & Stitch.

 Playing a vicious character in the wrestling world while simultaneously being a Disney fan is just one of the quirky characteristics of Bliss. She uses Ziploc bags for everything. According to Bliss, anyone who knows the real her knows puts everything in a Ziploc bag (literally). She puts her Monday clothes in a ‘Monday Ziploc,’ her Tuesday clothes go in a ‘Tuesday Ziploc’ and so on and so forth. “It’s weird but that’s just my thing,” Bliss laughed.

Alexa Bliss/WWE.com

Even WWE’s writing team couldn’t come up with a character for her as interesting as her own life. She won a national championship in individual cheer for cheerleading and she has a deaf pet pig named “Larry Steve” which she got while filming Total Divas, which may become as difficult to travel with as it is to travel with the title.

“The title makes my bag about 10 pounds heavier and it never makes it through the TSA scanner. It always gets pulled but then it’s also really funny when they pull out the title so it makes it fun. Larry Steve cannot fly yet,” Bliss said. “Because he’s a pig, he’s considered livestock. I have to get him certified or something because they don’t allow pigs to fly unless they’re certified.”

Larry Steve and Bliss are an amusing and unlikely tag team, just as unlikely as the 5-foot-2 Bliss being partnered with 6-foot-8 Braun Strowman, a monster, in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. The duo got to the semi-finals of the tournament but the biggest achievement was Bliss getting Strowman to show his softer side.

“It was a lot of fun working with Braun Strowman. It was fun to show a different side of him. It was about time that the world saw a softer side of the monster,” Bliss said. “One fun thing is, he likes to sing. He has a good singing voice. I did not know this. He can really belt out a country tune.”

Despite all of these achievements, all of the responsibilities that come with being champ during WrestleMania week, Bliss’ focus is on Nia Jax, keeping that title and leaving the WWE Universe with a lasting impression.

There hasn’t been a women’s singles match at WrestleMania in some time and despite the heavily-packed card for the show, Bliss hopes she can be the one to steal the show and come out on top like has her entire career.

“With this WrestleMania and the type of match I have, it’s the first title match for women in 11 years so it will be an awesome moment in general. But for my match with Nia, I want the WWE Universe to feel something,” Bliss said. “I want them to feel the story that we’re telling because we’re both putting our real emotions into it and I want that to be portrayed and I want the fans to see that, feel that and respect that.”


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  • WrestleMania will be live from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, LA on Sunday April 8 and streamed around the world on WWE Network.
  • Alexa Bliss will defend her Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Triple H & Stephanie McMahon team up to take on Kurt Angle & Ronda Rousey, Roman Reigns challenges Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title, WrestleMania will host the first ever “Fabulous” Moolah memorial battle royal and much more.
  • WrestleMania is a week-long celebration and will include WrestleMania Axxess, The 2018 WWE Hall of Fame induction Ceremony, NXT TakeOver, Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live all at Smoothie King Center.