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It’s Almost Shower Beer Season And This Might Be The Perfect Accessory

Photo Courtesy of 30 Watt

There’s just something great about enjoying a beer in the shower, especially an outdoor shower, during the summer, after a long day spent hiking in the mountains, relaxing at the beach or whatever.  It’s one of the little things that makes the warmer months so great and with shower beer season quickly approaching, one company has created a product to optimize this multi-tasking activity.

Enjoying a shower beer in the past meant you’d have to take a beer in with you and either hold it the entire time or find a flat surface or shower caddy to hold it while sudsing up. But now, thanks to the 30 Watt Sudski Shower Beer Holder, you can have the perfect shower beer experience without sacrificing one of our hands. Sudski is exactly what its name suggests – a small aluminum can or bottle holder that sticks to any flat, glossy surface, keeping water and soap at a distance.  Just remove the adhesive, stick it where you want it, preferably out of the water splash zone, and wait 24 hours. It can easily be transferred to other surfaces as well, once it’s dry. And since the Sudski is made from durable silicon rubber, it’s dishwasher safe, to clean after even the most grimy of showers, and has built-in drainage, ensuring no lingering water.

30 Watt, created by an employee at The Onion while at college in Wisconsin, also gives a couple of recommendations for how to optimize your beer experience, including making sure the water is super hot and the beer is super cold as well as choosing a more simplistic beer that can be finished in about 10 minutes.  Much longer than that and you’ll quickly be drinking a warm brew. Even if you don’t want beer, this product, which has an International Patent Application, can hold other beverages you might enjoy that come in either a bottle or a can, which would be perfect for your coffee in the morning if you’re running late for work.

Sudski is available at Urban Outfitters, Target, Huckberry or through 30 Watt’s website and costs $15, plus shipping.  There’s also the Sipski, which holds wine glasses while in the shower. Something so simple might really enhance your vacation this summer.