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J.J. Abrams And Son Create Spider-Man Comic With An Unusual Twist

Photo Courtesy of Marvel

While there’s been minor changes to the character ans well as the storyline over the years, the formula for Spider-Man’s various comics has remained mostly the same: teenage boy trying to fit in with the world.  But don’t tell that to J.J. Abrams and his son, Henry Abrams, who are introducing an incredible twist for a brand new mini-series that will mark the father-son tandem’s first foray into the world of comics.

We cannot be held responsible for any spoilers you might read after this point.

Spider-Man # 1, which features artwork by Sara Pichelli, the co-creator of Miles Morales who brought Ultimate Spider-Man to life, was released this week by Marvel in traditional and digital copies but featured Peter Parker in a role that is somewhat uncharted territory for the web-slinger – dad.  Highlighting a new, not-yet-seen villain known as Cadaverous, the mini-series starts off 12 years after Spider-Man fights this new foe, where he not only loses one of his arms but also his wife, Mary Jane.  On top of that, he has a son named Ben who is now entering the high school phase of his life.

It’s not difficult to see the fingerprints of the father and son writers on this specific arc, with Ben now set to take on the role of Peter Parker when he was a teenager – battling bullies, talking to girls, you know, the usual stuff.  Oh, and like his father, Ben is starting to develop spider powers of his own.

It’s not the first time Parker has been a dad over the course of his 57-year existence, thanks to a daughter named May in Spider-Girl as well as a daughter named Annie in Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows – though neither of those comics were mainstream fixtures to the continuity of Spider-Man.  This will, however, mark the first time Parker has a son, allowing a wealth of potential story opportunities and, honestly, who knows where Abrams could take it.  We are talking about the director who brought Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the Star Trek reboot, among others, to life.

The 30-page book is available for $4.99 through a digital download or wherever books are sold and it currently has a rating (138 reviewers) of four-out-of-five stars on Marvel’s website.  The rest of this six-part series will be released once per month, from now until February of next year.