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Jim Gaffigan’s Dislike For Craft Beer Hilariously Inspires New York Brewery

Photo Courtesy of CBS Sunday Morning

For close to two decades, comedian Jim Gaffigan has made us laugh with his observations about hot pockets, his five children and the fact that he’s unusually pale.  The Indiana native might be as American as it gets but one thing he’s clearly had enough of – the country’s evolving craft beer scene.

In a segment featured on CBS Sunday Morning last year, the Chappaquiddick co-star went on a rant on his recurring spot, explaining why he believes craft beer has lost its way and why he’s not a fan.  “Now, it seems every city, town and hamlet I visit has its own beer made by locals: Specialty beers, microbrews, craft beers made by community artisans,” he proclaimed with his particular level of tongue-and-cheek humor.  “And I have to tell you, without exception, they’re all bad. I’m not exaggerating! No, I don’t care how cute beer name is that has to do with local folklore. I don’t care how beautiful the hand-drawn label is of a cactus wrestling a penguin.  The main problem is, well, they don’t taste like beer – I want a beer that tastes like, I don’t know, beer.”

Well, news travels quickly around the beer community and one local New York brewery has taken Gaffigan’s cactus-wrestling-a-penguin label idea from his comedic rant and run with it.  Brewing beer takes time, however, so it’s no surprise it took Brooklyn’s Kings County Brewers Collective months to complete Penguin Vs. Cactus, a low ABV “hazy hop crusher” brewed with Citra and Simcoe hops as well as loads of wheat.  But, more importantly, the session IPA will feature artwork inspired by what Gaffigan said in his segment and is now available in four-packs for $16.

Started by a trio of experienced brewers, KCBC is on a mission to bring fresh and flavorful beers to Brooklyn – and it’s the first brick and mortar brewery to operate in the Bushwick neighborhood in 40 years.  Not only is KCBC serving up tasty libations, but the cans are works of art, created by San Francisco native Earl Barrett-Holloway, straight out the pages of a comic book and perfect for an Instagram post.  Maybe that’s why metal band Behemoth worked with KCBC to create their very own unique beer collaboration.

Whatever the case, there’s now another beer for Jim Gaffigan to disapprove of but hopefully this one makes its way to him because a response would likely be hilarious.