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LeBron James Involved In ‘Friday The 13th’ Reboot


With the success of Halloween this weekend, which had the highest grossing opening weekend ever for a horror film, it was only a matter of time before talks of rebooting other franchises surfaced.  Well, apparently, Hollywood is wasting no time. According to Deadline, there are early talks about relaunching the Friday the 13th franchise, with NBA superstar LeBron James involved in the process.

Sure, James might be settling in for his first season as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers after signing a massive $154 million contract but part of the alluring of heading to the franchise was the opportunity to work more in Hollywood and create projects with his production company, SpringHill Entertainment.  Apparently James’ company and Vertigo Entertainment have been in meetings with both writers and directors, to get the film off the ground, which means the three-time NBA champion would actually be a producer.  This comes on the heels of Friday the 13th screenwriter Victor Miller recently regaining the United States rights to the franchise under reclamation laws, after a legal battle with director Sean Cunningham, who was previously a producer on the original film.

Now, it appears as though the two companies will move it through Warner Bros., which previously handled the franchise with it’s subdivision, New Line Cinema.  

There’s no word yet on if it will be a completely new story or look to steal a page out of Halloween’s book and be a direct sequel to on of the previous films, making it as though a healthy portion of the franchise never happened.  In fact, with it still being in the developmental stages, this is really all we know at this point.  As you might recall, New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures rebooted the franchise back in 2009, using the same formula as the early films, a bunch of actors that are under the radar and staggeringly cheap budget of $19 million.  It went on to gross more than $65 million at the United States box office, an impressive showing, though there was never any follow up made.

The original film busted on to the scene back in 1980 and took the horror genre kind of by storm, before using the character of Jason Voorhees to propel the franchise to the pop culture spotlight.  Since then, the franchise has seen 11 additional movies – including the aforementioned reboot as well as the 2003 horror crossover, Freddy Vs. Jason.

We are all for another, slightly corny, trip to Camp Crystal Lake – or even delving a little further into the story of Jason Voorhees and the relationship with his mother.