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Leinenkugel’s Is Giving Away Oktoberfest Beer If You Listen To Polka For 60 Seconds

Photo Courtesy of Leinenkugel's.

Unfortunately, Oktoberfest celebrations won’t look the same this year but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying some bratwurst, potato pancakes and a liter of Marzen.  Leinenkugel’s still wants everyone to enjoy Oktoberfest this fall, offering drinkers a little taste of the German celebration with 60 seconds of polka music – and there’s a free six-pack of Oktoberfest beer if you listen.

For the next several weeks, the Wisconsin-based brewery is giving away free six-packs of it’s 5.1 percent ABV, Marzen-style Oktoberfest beer but only if you’re willing to “enjoy 60 seconds of traditional polka music.”  Once on their website, drinkers can listen to the polka or purchase a pair of Leiniehosen – more on that a little later.  The music will automatically begin once the page is loaded, with a timer front and center, and then a prompt will pop up after one minute with a promotional codeword and number to text. 

Participants must be 21 and over to be eligible and will have to fill out a little information for the full rebate, up to $10, including address and photo of the UPC labels from the beer, except in California, Colorado, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia and Washington where it’s illegal to give away free beer.  People from those specific states will instead get a 50 percent refund of the purchase. Some states, listed on the website, are ineligible altogether.

Leinenkugel’s is running the promotion so people can still raise a stein at home, even though many notable Oktoberfest celebrations have been canceled because of COVID-19.

But if you’ve already purchased a ton of local Marzen efforts in preparation for this time of year, maybe you’ll want something to look the part while you enjoy Germany’s biggest holiday.  Leiniehosen are a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants combo that replicate lederhosen, the classic German outfit, bringing comfort and style to any virtual Oktoberfest.  The dye-sublimated 100 percent polyester fleece, which is available while supplies last, even has thermal pockets to keep beer cold and pretzels warm.  Keep in mind all sales are final for the $75 outfit and it could take three to four weeks to deliver.

Photo Courtesy of Leinenkugel’s.