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Light Up The Dark Side Of Your Workspace With These Star Wars Desk Lamps

Photo Courtesy of Firebox

As the countdown to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker continues, so too does the countdown to the holiday season and we might’ve found the perfect gift for any fan of the franchise.  The Star Wars desk lamp, available through Firebox, is shaped like either of the film’s iconic spacecrafts, The Tie Fighter or the Millennium Falcon, and both can brighten up any workspace and rid it of the same old boring look.

The miniature version of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s famous bucket of bolts, is 1:180 to scale and is fully poseable for epic battles or simply to ensure the proper amount of glow.  Warning: the ability to punch up lightspeed is not included with this purchase. But it does come complete with an offset cockpit, forward cargo mandibles and a rear slot for the engines, and is even powered by USB, much like the other ship in this set.

Photo Courtesy of Firebox

The fully poseable Tie Fighter is 60 cm tall and looks like a pretty convincing replica though, as the company notes, these particular lamps “lack the combat shields, hyperdrive, life-support systems and generally flimsiness of their in-movie counterparts.”  The only thing missing from this lamp is the distinctive roar of the spacecraft.

Perhaps, down the road, they’ll release other spacecrafts from the film because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want an Imperial Star Destroyer, a Jedi Starfighter or Boba Fett’s Slave I, just to name a few others.

Both of these lamps are currently in stock, with a price tag of $65.99 plus shipping – and for another $4.99, you can have it wrapped and ready to put under the tree for Christmas. It’s certainly a must-have office accessory for any true Star Wars nerd but you better get one soon, because the Millennium and Tie Fighter are likely to sell out in just over 12 parsecs.