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Lucky Charms Beer Causing Magically Ridiculous Viral Hysteria

Photo Courtesy of Smartmouth Brewing Company

While there might be plenty of negatives surrounding social media, it can certainly do wonders when a product goes viral and for Virginia-based Smartmouth Brewing Company, that’s exactly what happened.  Several weeks back, the Norfolk brewery announced it would be releasing Sunday Morning IPA, a beer brewed with a heaping amount of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Careful not to use Lucky Charms by name, because of what we can only imagine would be hefty legal ramifications, Smartmouth scheduled the 6.6% alcohol by volume American IPA release date for last weekend, much to the excitement of rabid beer drinkers.  But what the company didn’t expect was for news outlets such as USA Today and People Magazine to get wind of the release and write about it – suddenly the story had become a viral sensation via social media and the product had become a beer-like unicorn.  News of the release literally wallpapered Facebook feeds which might have been partially responsible for the ridiculously long lines and the beer selling out in just hours.

Not too long after, Smartmouth Brewing apologized on its Facebook account, admitting the company wasn’t prepared for the Lucky Charms fueled mayhem, stating: “We are a small company and well before all of the media attention we brewed this one as a limited release, a small batch. Had we known it would have gone viral, we certainly would have made a lot more! Thanks for understanding the nature of a small craft brewery.”

Of course, in typical fashion, some of those who were lucky enough to get their greedy little mitts on the beer decided not to drink it but instead to attempt to resell it online.  Several second hand sellers have the beer for sale and several eBay users even put the beer up for bid, with one starting at $450. Some, on certain beer forums, are trading their Saturday Morning IPA for other sought-after brews with people across the country.

There’s still a chance to find it, at least on the east coast.

This week, the company will be distributing the remaining stock of it, through kegs and cans, to various bottle shops and restaurants – though we doubt it’ll last long this time around either.  Many of those establishments are brand loyal, places that have been pouring the independent craft brewery’s offering for several years. Smartmouth already has several new releases in place for the upcoming months and is currently kicking around the idea of brewing another batch of the breakfast themed beer down the road.  So, with no guarantee, if you want to try it, you better find a way to get your hands on it now because, just like that, this novelty brew has become one of the hardest to find.