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Marshall’s New Uxbridge Mini Speaker Provides Big Sound Around The House

Photo Courtesy of Zound

There are a ton of wireless Bluetooth speakers on the market these days, but not many are as awesome as what Marshall is set to release.  The legendary British amplifier company, which has been the gold standard for producing quality sound since 1962, is teaming up with Zound Industries to release the brand new Uxbridge Voice on April 8.  This $199 Bluetooth speaker not only has Apple’s AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect but you can control it using the Alexa voice assistant. 

With the classic look of a Marshall amplifier and sitting at 6.6 inches tall and five inches wide, it’s not the first wifi speaker the company has produced but it does come with a slight revamping.  Unlike the other Bluetooth speakers, the Uxbridge features the physical controls of a series of volume rockers as opposed to guitar-style knobs. On the top of the unit there are rocker buttons to turn up the volume, enhance the bass or control the treble, along with a pause/play button and a button to disable Alexa’s far-field microphone.  As far as the sound quality goes, there’s one Class D amplifier providing 30 watts of power, operating within a frequency range of 54-20,000 Hz. 

Photo Courtesy of Zound

Speaking of Alexa, the company is also promising to add Google Assistant by the middle of June.  While it’s unclear why the delay, rather than simply adding this support through an update, Zound will release an entirely separate version of the Uxbridge Voice with support Google’s voice assistant, so it might be best to hold off for a couple of months if you’re dead set on using Google’s platform with this speaker. 

The biggest difference between the new Uxbridge and its competitors is the look, so hopefully the sound will be worth the price of this unique speaker.