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McDonald’s Is Selling Scented Candles As Part Of Its New Quarter Pounder Fan Club

Photo Courtesy of Golden Arches Unlimited

Fast food joints are constantly turning to research and development for new products but, these days, selling food simply isn’t enough, as chains explore other options.  Some of these options are good but most are just terrible and with 2020 already being the year of the collab, McDonald’s is releasing a range of Quarter Pounder-themed merchandise, including a set of scented candles.

Last week, the world’s largest cheeseburger chain announced the Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack, a box set of six scented candles in glass containers each featuring the smell of one of the burger’s ingredients: bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion and 100% fresh beef.  According to the press release, the aroma of these candles will appeal to everyone because “there’s no better smell than 100 percent fresh beef and a perfect combination of toppings.”  It seems rather unlikely that vegetarians will be on board for a candle that smells like beef but we get their point. For the hardcore cheeseburger fan, this might be a great idea but couldn’t the everyday carnivore get the same general smell from simply rolling down their windows when passing a Burger King?

Early candle huffers are already indicating these candles smell terrible so maybe buying a set to hold onto, in the hopes it’ll be a collector’s item in 50 years, is a better option.

Dropping as part of the company’s new Quarter Pounder Fan Club, celebrating 50 years of one of the country’s most iconic burgers, the candles are available through one of McDonald’s websites but if candles aren’t really your thing, don’t worry there’s plenty of other goodies.  From Quarter Pounder mittens to a Quarter Pounder Fan Club t-shirt to a Quarter Pounder locket, these items are currently only available in the United States market and while most of the merch is sold out right now, there’s a pretty good chance McDonald’s will resupply the website at some point.

On Feb. 26, McDonald’s will honor one city that takes Quarter Pounder fandom to the next-level with a monument noting, “imagine a bronze statue so memorable that the sesame seeds on the bun are more than 20 times the size you experience on the delicious Quarter Pounder.” Enough with all the hoopla and just focus on fixing the shake machine.