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The Most Metal Muppets Cover You’ll Hear This Week


In the late 1950s, Jim Henson introduced the world to The Muppets – a phrase he coined, as his characters were a combination of both marionettes and puppets.  Within just three decades, The Muppets were among the hottest comic acts in entertainment, focusing on younger audiences.

These days, almost everyone is familiar with the group, thanks to The Muppet Show, which aired for five seasons overseas and spawned several feature films like A Muppets Christmas Carol, The Muppets Take Manhattan and Jason Segel’s 2011 reboot, The Muppets, but perhaps even more well known is the music Henson and his predecessors created.  And none is more famous than the original TV show’s theme song.  It’s been sung repeatedly on the small screen and the big screen, often with special guest celebrities, however, one YouTube musician has decided to crank the classic tune all the way up to 11.

Leo Moracchioli, a Norway native who creates cover songs with his channel Frog Leap Studios, has garnered well over two million followers by recording, mixing, shooting and editing music videos that run the gamut from acoustic to metal cover tracks.  Some of Moracchioli’s previous videos include Adele’s Hello, the Gorillaz’s Feel Good Inc. and – probably our favorite – Coolio’s Gangster’s Paradise.  Over the weekend, Moracchioli released his latest, The Muppet Show theme song but with a metal twist.

Complete with shredding guitar and a little bit of the growling, the song is what we’d imagine it sounding like if Animal ever got a chance to get into the studio and create his own version.  The music video fits right in with the puppet theme, featuring Moracchioli, a monkey and what we presume is the devil – all as puppets.  In just three days, the video has received over 130,000 views and will likely keep climbing, though we wouldn’t expect it to reach his most watched video, which has 42 million hits.

It’s certainly not going to win any awards or anything but we just thought it was a fun take on a classic song and definitely deserved sharing.  Every day is better with a little bit of metal.