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Miami Dolphins Are Converting Hard Rock Stadium Into A Drive-In Movie Theater

Photo Courtesy of the Miami Dolphins

In the age of social distancing, one retro activity is making a comeback: the drive-in theater. All across the United States, drive-in movie theaters are opening up and providing moviegoers the opportunity to check out their favorite films from the comfort of their own vehicles and now the Miami Dolphins have announced plans to convert Hard Rock Stadium into a massive drive-in theater.

The idea for an outdoor viewing area piggybacked off of The Outdoor Theaters at Hard Rock, an open-air sports and entertainment complex on the property’s South Plaza for small groups to watch entertainment on a large screen.  The stadium itself, which typically seats almost 65,000, will hold 230 vehicles for all sorts of shows, including classic Dolphins content from the team’s 54-year history, as well as concerts, classic films, commencements and other events.  The stadium, originally constructed back in 1987, features four giant television screens thanks to a major renovation five years ago.

And watching Dan Marino launch a touchdown pass on the big screen wouldn’t be the same without some snacks, right?  Don’t worry, Hard Rock Stadium has a plan for socially distanced snacks too.  Fans can purchase food and beverages through an online system and they’ll be delivered right to the car.  Restrooms will also be available, though there will certainly be some stipulations with that one.

“We’ve spent several weeks planning this to be able to provide people with a safe option to go out and enjoy movies, classic Dolphins content, concerts, and celebrate 2020 graduates,” said Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium CEO Tom Garfinkel recently told ESPN.  “It’s a fundamental human need to physically experience and celebrate events and experiences together, and we’re trying to provide options for everyone where they can be safely socially distant and socially present at the same time.”

Fans can put their name on an email list through the stadium’s website, so they are alerted when tickets are made available.  There’s no word yet on the stadium’s drive-in schedule, or what will be featured, but it’s all coming soon.