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Michael Myers’ Mask Will Look A Little Different In Upcoming Halloween Sequel


In 1978, director John Carpenter made Halloween for just $300,000 and, in the process, launched one of the most successful horror film franchises ever.  With such a low budget, corners were cut at almost every turn, including the mask of Michael Myers, the film’s serial killing antagonist.  The mask, purchased for $1.98, was actually that of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk – portrayed by William Shatner – and was slightly altered to give it a unique and chilling feel on the big screen.  But for the next installment, that mask might look a little bit different, according to the film’s special effects makeup artist.

Earlier this year, Blumhouse announced that filming had begun on another Halloween sequel, with Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie Strode in a direct sequel to the classic, thus ignoring her death in the 2002 sequel Halloween: Resurrection.  While many of the details surrounding the film have remained mystery, we know that it takes place 40 years later – as well as what Michael Myers’ iconic mask might look like.  In a recent interview with Halloween Daily News a site devoted to everything, and we mean everything, surrounding the horror franchise – Oscar winning effects man Christopher Nelson, who is in charge of recreating the mask, chimed in about his background in movies and, more importantly, what Myers might look like in the upcoming sequel, which will hit theaters this October.  Here’s what Nelson said:

“The film takes place 40 years later, so you’re not going to have that same mask, it’s not going to be this pristine, beautiful thing that it was in 1978. You have to approach it from that standpoint. I had 40-year-old masks that I studied and looked at how they broke down, how they wrinkled, how they did this and how they did that. I also took into account the context of the film. Where is the mask now and where has it been for these 40 years? Without revealing anything, I took that into context. I had hundreds of photos and books.”

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This sequel, the 10th in the franchise if you count Rob Zombie’s two re-imagined films, is directed by a relatively unknown named Gordon Green and written by comedian Danny McBride.  While the franchise has certainly become tired, the original two films were trailblazers for the genre and, hopefully, this new chapter can reignite the story of Michael Myers and end the original Halloween story on a high note.